It’s that time of year when activities abound and people are out and about, partaking. Others are using the enlivening energy of fall to get industrious and excited about their work. Likewise, you are staying focused and moving toward your academic and professional goals by diving deep into your coursework.

The JFKU Writing Center is with you, here to support you in getting those papers and assignments done.

We have many strategies to share with you. Here are some of the ways you can use our services:

1. You’re not sure what you want to write about and you have a deadline. We can support you by asking you questions to get your brainstorming off to a good start.

2. You have a lot to read for multiple courses. We can share some power reading strategies with you that will help you to manage the assigned reading and your time.

3. It’s been a while since you were in school and you don’t quite remember APA Style or you used MLA in your previous academic program. Schedule a session with us and we can go over the basics of APA Style. In addition, we have created an APA Guidelines book and helpful handouts that are available in hard copy or by download.

Yes, it’s a beautiful time of year, yes you are focused on success and maybe you are a little jealous of your friends who are going out to all the events or taking advantage of off-season travel. However, you don’t have to struggle alone with your writing. Make an appointment with the JFKU Writing Center for help with your coursework so that you can finish the quarter strong.

Questions? Contact us at (925) 969-3526 or or visit our webpage to schedule an appointment. 

by the JFKU Writing Center