JFKU’s VALOR Center Coordinator Noelle Morra was recently featured on the Veteran’s PATH podcast sharing her intimate and inspiring story of trauma and recovery, and offering both hope and a roadmap for veterans seeking to heal themselves from trauma.

Noelle Morra, VALOR Center Coordinator at JFKU

Morra’s story details her time in the Air Force, her exposure to trauma, and her path toward healing. It is not an easy path, she stresses, but it is definitely possible. One of her goals in sharing her story was to let those seeking to recover from trauma see a picture of what it looks like to find the resources that are appropriate for them, and to let them know the effort it takes.

“I was trying to give some perspective in terms of what it takes to get the healing you need and connect to the right resources,” she says. “I wanted to show how much I had to go out of my way,” she says. “I wanted to encourage women and men who have experienced sexual trauma to not just rely on the system, but to go outside of it. I wanted to let them know that it’s never just one thing that you go to and that’s the end of it. You have to do all of it and it is a lifelong journey but recovery is possible and you have to believe that. There are a lot of resources out there an a lot of people doing a lot of good stuff, but you have to connect yourself to them.”

A decade after she first started to receive care, and after many years of serving others with trauma at the JFKU VALOR Center, Morra has found herself ready to put herself forward and add her unique story to the voices of the many others who have been coming off of active military duty and sharing stories of sexual trauma.

To hear more about Noelle’s journey and her unique path to healing and recovery, check out this episode of the Veteran’s PATH!