Cutting Edge Thinking Goes Public With Top Minds Video Series

Virtual reality. Gender identity. Somatic psychology. Housing policy amid freakish wealth. These areas and issues form some of the most preeminent frontiers of our time, areas where human society is expanding into the unknown. Lighting the way forward into these rich and uncharted territories are some of the most courageous and preeminent thinkers alive today. But who are they? Where can we find them?

Turns out, some of them are right under our noses, here at JFK University. Even better, the Top Minds video series is now bringing these top minds, free of charge, straight to anyone with internet and a sense of curiosity. “These are experts in their fields talking about nuanced topics that they’re very well-known for,” explains David Valentin, producer of the interview-style series. And they’re not just sequestering themselves within the ivory towers of academia. “All the instructors appearing in this series love sharing their expertise as a way of being of service to their communities.” In a broader sense, the series is about keeping information transparent and as available to the public as possible.

What is the psychology behind virtual reality and can it really facilitate greater empathy in humans? How does technology affect the way we inhabit our bodies? What would it look like for policy to be post-gender? Each installment of the series will offer unique insight into some of the most important questions facing humans today.

Top Minds Video Series

The Top Minds series features video interviews of JFK University professors who are preeminent thinkers in cutting edge fields. From virtual reality to gender identity, housing policy to somatic psychology, these interviews feature experts speaking candidly about the work they’re best known for and make knowledge accessible and available to the public. Each installment is geared toward offering unique insight into some of the most important questions facing human society today.

Defining Trauma

Dr. Doreen Maller discusses a variety of aspects related to trauma and the way in which it effects people as well as the effect it has on those around them. Dr. Maller is Associate Professor

John Banks and Dr. Peter Van Oot: The Real Psychology of Virtual Reality

An evening of engaging and thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Peter Van Oot, Neuropsychologist; and John S. Banks, Program Chair of the new Masters of Arts Innovation and Creative Technology program at John F. Kennedy University.

Bhautik Joshi: The Robots are Coming – The Future of Art

John F. Kennedy University Lecture and Event Series Thursday Soapbox, continues the tradition of hosting cutting-edge thinkers and practitioners from around the world. Covering a wide range of topics of vital importance in today's

John F. Kennedy University Top Minds: Ora Prochovnick, JD

Gender Change, Gender Identity, and the Law Professor Ora Prochovnick teaches in the College of Law, JD Program at JFKU. In this video Professor Ora discusses the legal aspects of changing one's gender identity.

John F. Kennedy University Top Minds: Professor Ora Prochovnick

Housing Tenants Rights Professor Ora Prochovnick teaches in the College of Law, JD Program at JFKU. In this video Professor Ora discusses Landlord Tenants rights. I'm Ora Prochovnick, professor at the College of Law,

John F. Kennedy Top Minds: Professor David Peterzell, PhD

The Psychology of Virtual Reality 2.0 Professor David Peterzell teaches in the College of Psychology and Clinical Psychology at JFKU. In this video, Professor David discusses the concept of identifying the difference between virtual reality