From papers to books to presentations to TEDx Talks, the past year has seen an outpouring of over 320 academic works by JFKU faculty, staff, alumni, and students. To celebrate, acknowledge, and spread the word about the accomplishments of its scholarly community and their innovative and powerful voices in the world, the University has compiled a list of the works in the form of a small booklet available for download here.

The Scholarly Works collection illustrates an excitingly robust and diverse academic community whose work makes a direct impact on both the local community as well as in the scholars’ respective fields. One of many notable featured projects is the highly acclaimed 2017 publication of the Praeger Handbook of Aging and Mental Health, co-edited by Doreen Maller, Chair of the Holistic Counseling Psychology department. Due to medical advances and preventive care, the population of people living past the age of 65 now represents a significant and growing demographic that has specific needs from mental health practitioners. A vital and timely text, the Handbook addresses the training needs of mental health care providers serving the aging population.

Scholarly works however, are not limited to publications nor to program chairs. Ian Kelley, Adjunct Faculty in the College of Law, along with David H. Peterzell, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Science, collaborated on a talk presented by the Contra Costa Bar Association surrounding the fallibility of witness memory. This issue, while well understood by psychologists, is less attended to outside the field even though it is crucial to an effective interrogation. Additionally, Sharon Ku, a student in the Sport Psychology program, presented a workshop on breathing and relaxation to soccer athletes of the Bay Area Area Outreach and Recreational Program.

“One of the coolest parts about this collection,” explains Lisa Hutton, Program Chair of the Legal Studies program at JFKU, “is the inclusion of students and research-based work that students do directly with their faculty. Having a community with faculty focused on scholarship and development in their fields in conjunction with their students is something to be celebrated by the institution and the community at large.”

From the psychology of virtual reality to Jewish mysticism to Filipino athletic culture to food in conflict zones to health care and social action,” these exciting topics and projects demonstrate both the range and depth of scholarly inquiry and accomplishment emerging from the halls of John F. Kennedy University. Curious to see what else the JFKU community has been up to? Download your copy of Scholarly Works Guide today!

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