The Holistic Research Center Opens Its Doors

On March 5, 2017, John F. Kennedy University will hold a dedication celebration event for the new Holistic Research Center. A night of music and enlightened discussion will revolve around a panel featuring a number of preeminent experts in holistic psychology.

Moderated by Dr. Doreen Maller, chair of Holistic Counseling Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, the panel will feature the likes of former Marshall Scholar and current JFKU professor Dr. Albert Wong, Dr. Shahara Godfrey a senior Buddhist mindfulness teacher at East Bay Meditation Center; and Sonia Cristina Suarez, graduate fellow with the Hellman Foundation and Doctoral student.

The discussion will center on “Cultivating Holistic Wisdom in Psychotherapy,” and highlights a subject central to the mission of the Holistic Research Center. Created as a forum to give JFKU core and adjunct faculty, NUS-affiliate faculty, and alumni an institutional structure to collaborate on projects, connect to financial and administrative support; and maintain motivation for researching, publishing, and presenting in holistic mental health fields of study; the Holistic Research Center seeks to strengthen JFKU’s 50 year legacy as a leader in the field of holistic studies.

Currently, two kinds of projects are supported at the center: researching holistic counseling constructs such as meaning in life, mindfulness, and expressive arts interventions and expanding research methodology towards a more holistic paradigm, for example, quantitative – qualitative mixed methods, exploring depth approaches to pursuing knowledge in the field of mental health, or understanding best research practices that impact clinical application of holistic methodology in the field.

John F. Kennedy University has always held the holistic mindset in high regard, and is home to a wealth of psychology courses and degree tracks dedicated to the art and science of the mind. Programs like the Master’s Degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies delve deep into the holistic perspective that integrates body, mind, spirit, and culture into the curriculum.

At the epicenter lies the HRC, where some of the brightest minds in psychology congregate to explore concepts ranging from the phenomenological study of dreams to female sexual health. This dedication event is a celebration of holistic wellness and its scholarly pursuits.

In addition, City Slickers Farms in West Oakland, will be honored for their work in the community.

Join us at La Pena in beautiful Berkeley, California for a night of music, munching, and mind-expanding discourse as we celebrate the opening of the Holistic Research Center at John F. Kennedy University.