Team Projects at JFK University and in Law Firms

After completing three quarters at JFK University, I have taken multiple courses in the Legal Studies/Paralegal Certificate program. The vast majority of them included group assignments inside and outside of the classroom on a regular basis. Though group work has always been a somewhat daunting thing for me in my past experiences in school, I was surprised at how well it allowed me to learn the material and accomplish the assignments. It also allowed me to get to know my fellow classmates and, as a result, a lot of friendships have been made along the way.

I have always been working full time while attending JFK University. Over the past 15 years I have worked in three different litigation firms; some for a very long time, some for only a few years. When a case would go to trial, it usually was all hands on deck.” I would do anything from helping paralegals build trial binders to setting up war rooms to working directly with the paralegals on the case finding documents. Those were the most involved group projects I still deal with to this day. When a case has not gone to trial, the daily routine still consists of working with others and it changes from moment to moment. At any point in time, I could be working with a legal secretary, paralegal, and associate to working with administrative staff helping make scans and copies of documents. Every day is different and every day consists of teamwork. It can be very stressful and unnerving to rather fun.

Because of the group projects at JFK University, I am more confident and more productive when working alongside my coworkers. It truly amazes me how far I have come and how more efficient I am now working and communicating with people in the real world as well as with my classmates/teachers at JFK University. When I graduate with my certificate I am confident I will be able to utilize my skills and be able to work with clients as well as other legal professionals in the work place.This is all due to my experience at JFK University and especially the group work in the Legal Studies/Paralegal Certificate program.

Cameron Hughes, Fourth quarter, Paralegal Certificate student