Student Success Story: Transferring from DVC to Start a Legal Career

My first quarter at John F. Kennedy University opened up a whole new world for me. I transferred from Diablo Valley College which is barely five minutes away from JFKU. However, I didn’t even know the university existed. My plan before JFKU was to get my AA in Psychology, then head to San Francisco State University to get my Bachelor’s, and continue to law school in the bay area from there. That all changed when Juliet Jonas came in as a guest speaker during my Business Law course at DVC.

Juliet introduced me to the Legal Studies program at John F. Kennedy University. I was in absolute awe, and so overwhelmed (in a good way) from all of the information she was giving our class about the program because it was exactly what I was looking for. I truly thought it was too good to be true. I immediately started doing my research and asking around about the university, and I received all good feedback. I was then invited to attend the open house at JFKU with my mom who also thought the program was too good to be true. We ended up meeting with Lisa Hutton, the Department Chair, and spent almost an hour or so just asking her a million questions about the Legal Studies program and what it had to offer. After speaking to Professor Hutton, my mom and I both knew that this was the right school for me. If it wasn’t for Professor Juliet Jonas and Professor Lisa Hutton, I would have never transferred to JFKU and started on this whole new path in life!

I started my first quarter at JFKU in Lisa Hutton’s Introduction to Law course. I was absolutely terrified because I felt like the other students in my class knew way more than I did, and most of them already had jobs in the field of law. Whereas I, studied psychology, worked retail and didn’t have any experience with the law besides the research I did for fun in my spare time. My first quarter at JFKU is one I???ll never forget because during that time I gained the motivation and confidence I needed to take the big steps in my life. For the longest time, I was always too afraid to leave the retail field and get into the field of law because I was afraid that I had no way to get my foot in the door since I had no experience. I lacked confidence in myself, big time. But one day, after weeks of pondering the thought, I decided to give my notice at work and start looking for jobs in the field of law as a receptionist. Coincidentally, a few days after my last day of work, I found out that JFKU was hosting a job fair. During the job fair at school I met a recruiter from Robert Half Legal who genuinely supported and guided me through the whole process. I ended up at my first temporary position as a receptionist in a law office within a month; and today, I’m working in the same law office, permanently, as an Administrative Legal Assistant.

I’m midway through my second quarter at JFKU and I couldn’t be any happier with everything that the University has offered me so far. All of my professors have been beyond helpful, and I learn so much from every single one of them. I’ve also built relationships with the students that I started the quarter with, and it feels like I have my very own family here at JFKU. From the professors, and the students, everyone is willing to lend a helping hand when needed.

If I were to give any advice to students in the Legal Studies program, I would say to manage your time wisely. Being able to manage your time is the key to success in this program. The time and work you put into your studies will show through in your grades, which is why it’s so important to dedicate all of the time you have to study. Stress is inevitable as a student, but making a schedule and being on top of your assignments and work will help tremendously.

Written by Mina Azami, JFKU Legal Studies Student

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