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At John F. Kennedy University, we recognize the fact that most of our students are not simply taking a time out from their lives to attend school. Instead, most must balance work and family responsibilities on top of their educational endeavors. John F. Kennedy University was founded over 50 years ago specifically with the intention of serving just this type of student. We honor and appreciate the commitment made by our working adult students to continue their education. That’s why we offer a range of flexible learning options designed to fit into even the most impossible of schedules.



In-person programs hold classes in the daytime and/or evenings at our two conveniently-located campuses in Pleasant Hill and San Jose. These programs are great for students who thrive off the structure and dynamic of a traditional onsite learning environment.



Hybrid programs entail a blend of onsite and online courses, offering the flexibility of working remotely when applicable.


FlexCourse℠ On-Demand Online Classes

Through FlexCourse℠, John F. Kennedy University’s new online learning platform, students can work wherever—and whenever—they want. Courses are taken one at a time and sequentially within a quarter instead of concurrently with other coursework. While students generally complete the same number of courses each quarter as a traditional student, this option allows them maximum flexibility for working according to their own schedules.



Traditional Online follows the same paced structure of the on-campus quarterly model while offering the flexibility of working remotely. This option is great for students who require the convenience of learning wherever they are but who also find deadlines helpful for accomplishing their goals.

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Sometimes you just want to enhance your skill set.  JFK University Continuing Education offers a diverse selection of courses to meet your licensing and professional development needs.   Choose courses offered online and onsite at one of our two Bay Area campuses.

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