2018 - 2019 Student Government Association Board and College Representatives

Student Government acts on behalf of all students, oversees the allocation and use of student fees, and takes action in support of all students. To contact the Student Government Board members, email stugov@jfku.edu.

Monica Horowitz

PsyD, 2021
Very involved in SGA for the past 4 years; served as President and Vice President.
Alumni Committee

Heidi Smaradottir

Vice President
MA Counseling Psychology, 2020
Team-Handball, MMA, Horseback riding, Painting, Yoga
Social Media Committee, Student Lounge Committee, Alumni Committee


Naeem Salameh

College of Law, 2020
Movies, Kickboxing with friends, Theatre, Art Museums, Traveling, Reading, Learning, and Laughing.
Social Media Committee, Student ID Committee, Alumni Committee, Student Lounge Committee

Kimya Behrouzian

PsyD, 2020

Brendt Spears

College of Law Representative
College of Law, 2020
Student Lounge Committee, Alumni Committee

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