2019 - 2020 Student Government Association Board and College Representatives

Student Government acts on behalf of all students, oversees the allocation and use of student fees, and takes action in support of all students. To contact the Student Government Board members, email stugov@jfku.edu.

Heidi Smaradottir


MA Counseling Psychology, 2020

Social Media Committee, Student Lounge Committee, Alumni Committee

Heiðrún Jenný is a 27-year-old Icelandic Viking-lady who goes by Heidi in America. Heidi has been riding horses since she was 4-years-old, turned to team handball at 12, and finally fell in love with MMA at the age of 23. Heidi is passionate about serving her community, whether it is for the students at JFKU, the team handball youth in America, or her handball club San Fransisco, CalHeat. This will be Heidi’s second year on the SGA board.

What makes me excited to be on the student government board this year is the opportunity to apply the experiences and lessons I learned last year. The useful changes those of us on the board implemented last year keep me motivated to continue and to advance the teamwork and spirit we were able to create in our commitment to serving students and being a voice for change. 

I plan on serving JFKU and the student body with open communication, ambition, passion, and hard work. I am excited to work on new ideas and create new projects with the new board this year and leave my mark on the SGA at JFKU.

Naeem Salameh

Vice President

College of Law, 2020

Social Media Committee, Student ID Committee, Alumni Committee, Student Lounge Committee

Naeem Salameh was born and raised in the Bay Area but comes from a very strong Palestinian and Jordanian background. As the son of immigrants, he is very connected with his culture and community in the Bay Area. In the little time he has outside of law school he enjoys working out and going to live performances. This will be Naeem’s second year on the SGA Board.

I am humbled and enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve as Vice President of the Student Government Association for the 2019-2020 academic year! Last year I was able to start with small projects, such as creating a new student ID campaign. Now students can enjoy completely re-vamped student IDs courtesy of SGA. I plan to keep this momentum going and with the help of my lovely cabinet members, I am positive we can create more magic on campus.

At its core, SGA is here to advocate for the students. As elected members, we serve as representatives on behalf of the students. As vice president, my goal is to create immediate connections with all the different communities on campus and to create an inclusive space where people are open to sharing questions, concerns, and ideas. If you see me on campus, please say hello! Suggestions? I welcome them. Questions? Please, ask them! Let’s have an amazing year!


Beheshta Kakar


College of Law 2020

Juris Doctor Candidate

Student Lounge Committee, Alumni Committee

Movies, Food, Cooking, Traveling, Podcasts, Riding Bikes, Investigation, Discovery

Being a part of the student government for me is a way of giving back and serving the greater good. Often when students have a question or a need we feel that we have no way of getting that question answered or that need met. The student government serves to bridge the gap between students, faculty, and the rest of the university.

One thing I would like to see more of is resources to help us as students develop our professional awareness so that when we graduate we are more prepared to step into the professional world. In the past, I have proposed a conference in which current professionals in the field can come answer questions from students and help us prepare to navigate this challenging transition. Let’s see what we can accomplish this year!

Matt Smith


MA/PsyD Sport Psychology & Clinical Psychology

Kickboxing, Online Games, Weightlifting, Strength Coaching, Reading & Learning

Danya Alhafidh

College of Law 2022

College of Law Representative, Juris Doctor Candidate

Student Lounge Committee Student Representative, Equal Justice Works Representative

Softball, Cycling, Reading, and Traveling

I joined the Student Government Association so that I can be more involved at JFKU. Being part of SGA is exciting because I have an opportunity to make a real difference. 

As an SGA member you get to vote on things like what type of events JFKU should hold, how to support the various organizations on JFKU campus, and how to address the challenges that our students are facing. The SGA sponsors events and offers scholarships, all with the aim of improving every student’s experience.

I enjoy serving the student body and plan on continuing to tackle the issues with an all-encompassing mentality that represents the needs of all our members. 

Beatriz Luna

College of Law, 2020

College of Law Representative, Juris Doctor Candidate

Hiking, Make-up Artistry, Chicano Leadership Programs, Transborder Issues, and LGBTQ Rights

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