Sport Psychology Alum: What are They Up to?

Brian Alexander, M.A. ’15, has been writing and presenting up a storm so far this year, with numerous published blogs and articles as well as presentations for USA Water Polo athletes.

As a USA Water Polo Mental Skills Coach, Brian presented at the Water Polo Coaches Association with a presentation entitled, “Learn, Plan, Perform: A Model for Coaching the Mental Game.” Check him out in action!

Brian’s writing has also been featured on many water polo-related websites and blogs. Read up on the “Mental Preparation in the Space Between Play” on On the website for KAP7 (the Official Water Polo Ball of USA Water Polo), he has two features: “Aligning Purpose with Passion in Sport” and “Rebounding After a Bad Game.” Brian is also featured on BridgeBlog with his article, “Sport Psych: Performing to Achieve Team Success.”

Damon Valentino and Zane Winslade (both M.A. ’15) have introduced their company’s new website and blog, FlowSport, and were recently featured in an article on Tennis Recruiting. Having met in their online Sport Psychology classes for JFKU, Damon is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Zane is based out of New Zealand. Together, their work will undoubtedly help many athletes across the world achieve greatness.

Daniery Rosario, M.A. ’11

As Athletic Director at Leadership Public School in Richmond, Calif., Daniery played a key role in helping the first two students from their school get a Division I soccer scholarship. In an article on the Richmond Confidential blog, he notes that this is a “major accomplishment for the school and sets the precedent for the future.” Read the whole story here!

Dora Kurimay, M.A. ’09, has published the book “Get Your Game Face On! Table Tennis” and co-authored a chapter, entitled “Applied Sports Psychology in Worldwide Sport: Table Tennis and Tennis“, in the anthology, “Clinical Sports Psychology: An International Perspective.”

Ikuko Sasaba, M.A. ’11

Ikuko was a private sport psychology consultant for various athletes in the Rio 2016 Olympics. At the start of 2017, she received her Doctoral Degree in Sport and Health Science from the Graduate School of Ritsumeikan University in Japan.

Kristin Keim, M.A. ’11, Psy.D ’13, a former high-level competitive cyclist, has slowly built up her practice into Keim Performance Consulting. She teaches riders everything from deep breathing, relaxing, and meditation techniques to overtraining and burnout, retirement, and motivation. She was also featured on a recent SoCal Cyclist podcast!

Mary Foston-English, Certificate ’16

Mary presented on at National University’s Performance Psychology Conference in San Diego on January 28, 2017. She presented on diversity in sport psychology work and used the platform of Black Lives Matter to show how understanding diversity can make a significant difference in our field.

2017 interns for Major League Baseball teams

Dafna Aaronson, M.A. ’16, and Derek Mosher, M.A. ’16, have been placed with the New York Mets, and Rick Iacino, M.A. ’15, has been placed with the Boston Red Sox.