New Alumni Services!

Need help making the leap from classroom to career? Our new MentorMe and GradLeaders alumni services are here to help.

At John F. Kennedy University, we are proud to announce that our alumni community now numbers over 15,000 graduates spread throughout the state, country, and world. As this community continues to grow, we aim to continue meeting each of you with the resources you need to achieve your goals, support yourself and your family, and give back to your community. In addition to our ongoing meetup group, which offers opportunities to connect with other alumni and build your professional network, we have also recently launched an alumni mentorship page and a new alumni job board. Read on to learn more!


New to a field and want to learn about potential career pathways? Just starting out toward a new career and seeking insight or advice? Or, for those of you with some experience already under your belt, do you have insight ready to go and just need someone to offer it to? Whether you’re in need of a mentor or mentee, we’re here to help connect the dots.

The John F. Kennedy University Career Center and Office of Alumni Relations have recently launched MentorMe, an online platform that connects alumni and students for one-on-one career advice conversations. Both alumni and students can sign up as either mentor or mentee. Mentors will find this an easy and flexible way to give back to their community, and mentees will receive valuable, friendly advice from peers within their JFKU network. Interested? Get started right away by taking just a few minutes to create your profile on our MentorMe webpage.


The job search just got easier with John F. Kennedy University’s new job portal powered by GradLeaders. This online system features regularly updated postings for jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities, including nationwide opportunities, exclusive to students and alumni within the National University System. As a JFKU student or alumni, all you need to do to get started is log in and create your profile. In addition to having an updated list of job postings at your fingertips, you will also receive information regarding career services workshops, events, career fairs, and resources to help you advance your career development and job seeking techniques.


Our ongoing alumni meetups are a great way to stay in touch with the University, connect with alumni in your field, and reconnect with peers from your program. We’d love to see you! Join us for our monthly alumni meetup on the third Wednesday of each month. Our next meetup will be on October 17th. RSVP here!

JFKu Online Launches this Fall

As you know, access to education, affordability, and diversity are among our core values here at John F. Kennedy University. It is these very values that are driving our implementation of a brand new online learning platform scheduled to launch this fall.

This fall, we bring you JFKu Online Powered by FlexCourse℠, a teaching and learning platform that expands access to a quality, affordable education through faculty-supported, flexibly-paced online degree programs. With its inaugural class scheduled to begin in this month, JFKu Online will initially offer up to four degree programs including business, management, and psychology. Harnessing all the advantages of e-learning design, the platform will offer stackable degree curriculums, a fully asynchronous delivery model, the integration of e-textbooks, and the gamification of the learning environment to encourage engagement. Imagine an education made easy, without losing any of the rigor. That’s JFKu Online.

Of course, ever committed to meeting the needs of all of our students and styles of learner, we will also continue to not only offer, but to strengthen and expand our traditional on-campus learning options. By delivering a quality and affordable education through an ever diverse array of delivery modes, we ensure that our student body also continues to grow, diversify, and thrive.

Tomorrow’s job market will have an increasing demand for jobs that require advanced degrees. Such a climate creates an ever greater need for student access and affordability, especially among diverse learner populations. As the economic landscape continues to shift, the integration of JFKu Online will present an opportunity for the University to take a leadership role in establishing new paradigms for the future of higher education. We hope you’re as excited as we are!


Introducing the Office of Clinical Training (OCT)

New in the ranks of JFKU student support centers, the Office of Clinical Training (OCT) manages student practicums for all MA in Counseling Psychology programs. Staffed with Clinical Training Coordinators that help students identify, apply to, and evaluate practicum placement options, the OCT works to ensure that all students receive an excellent clinical training experience to prepare them for a successful transition into the mental health field, while at the same time providing vital low-cost counseling services to schools and agencies through the community.  

Practicum students are able to choose from among various local community- and school-based programs contracted with the OCT where they provide on-site counseling services while receiving supervision and support from experienced clinicians. The OCT also supports students who choose to arrange an external placement. By connecting our psychology students to the community at large and offering administrative, clinical, and academic support, the OCT plays a vital role in carrying out our service learning commitment at JFKU.


An Outpouring of Scholarly Works

From papers to books to presentations to TEDx Talks, the past year has seen an outpouring of over 320 academic works by JFKU faculty, staff, alumni, and students. To celebrate and acknowledge the tremendous efforts and accomplishments of our scholarly community and their innovative and powerful voices in the world, we have compiled a list of the works which will be available for download.

Wondering what your professors have been up to since you graduated? Curious about what projects have been underway and what’s trending in your field? Planning on getting a project started yourself? Take a peek at this collection to get up to date and inspired. From the psychology of virtual reality to jewish mysticism to filipino athletic culture to food in conflict zones to health care and social action, these exciting topics and projects demonstrate both the range and depth of scholarly inquiry and accomplishment emerging from the halls of John F. Kennedy University.


JFKU Named as a Finalist for Reimagining the Higher Education Ecosystem Challenge. Vote for us!!

We have some exciting news that needs your help to get even more exciting. John F. Kennedy University’s proposal for the Reimagining the Higher Education Ecosystem Challenge was recently advanced to the finalist stage of the competition. More than 160 teams submitted a bold vision for the future of higher education, and only 25 have made it to this final stage. Selection of the strongest project is now in the hands of voters. That’s you!

Voting for the winner will be open to the public until September 27th, 2018. You can support our vision by going to the challenge platform website and voting on our project – “Higher Education Unlocked.” Voters will be able to put their non-monetary “coin” down for various projects they find inspiring, rather than just one. If you’re as excited as we are about ours, we hope you’ll make the full “investment.”

Sponsored by the Office of Educational Technology, the contest challenge was to address the future of higher education, especially in terms of access for low-income and first generation learners, as technology continues to transform the way we live, learn, and work. This challenge had JFKU’s name on it. Essentially, this challenge is already our mission. Our submission, “Higher Education Unlocked,” proposes the use of technology to address the educational needs of families affected by incarceration while also helping to maintain family cohesion. Visit the challenge platform website to learn more and to cast your vote!