Director of the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at JFKU Solomon Belette recently authored the foreword to a new book on fundraising, Funding A Mission One Donor & One Penny at a Time. Written by Dr. Zenebe Abebe, the book expounds many of the same crucial values held by SIP surrounding effective fundraising.

The book details Abebe’s personal journey in fundraising as the executive director of Mennonite Central Committee Great Lakes. As Belette writes in his foreword, “there aren’t many books where an author uses his own personal and professional experience as a case study to identify key ideas and principles.” The result is a compelling account that anyone interested in understanding what it’s like to be a fundraiser, in general or in particular to missionary causes, will benefit from reading. It is, as Belette states, “an excellent contribution to our understanding and appreciation of philanthropy.”

Abebe’s account of his fundraising experience emphasizes many of the same best practices expounded by the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at JFKU. “While SIP does not talk about mission specifically,” says Belette, “we talk as Abebe does about the importance of building relationships with donors. “Abebe’s account of what he did as a fundraiser provides yet another example of the importance of relationship-building with your donors. That’s what he has done to be an effective fundraiser.”

The book is divided into four sections: I. Looking Ahead and Setting the Parameter; II. Planning and Strategizing; III. Framework for Action; IV. Sharing Ideas and Words of Encouragement. Belette is also quoted in the book with an offering of three guidelines that nonprofit organizations can establish to supercharge their boards.

It seems wherever one finds insight to fundraising being offered, one finds Solomon Belette, director of the ever growing and expanding Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at JFKU. Congratulations Solomon!