Program Overview

Starting with an inaugural class this fall, become a leader in your field by earning a Master of Business Administration. The MBA is a professional degree recognized across all industries that prepares you with the knowledge, tools, and acumen needed to bring organizations to higher levels of function and success. Throughout the program, you’ll examine the functional areas of business and gain knowledge and skills applicable to your field of interest by selecting a specialization in management, finance, health care, strategic management, sales management, human resources, or information technology.

Program Highlights

Our FlexCourse℠ on-demand online program gives you the freedom to earn your degree at your own pace while still enjoying close interaction with your course instructor.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of your program, you’ll have the skills and expertise needed to:

  • Evaluate how changes to an organization’s knowledge systems can improve performance
  • Lead others in order to meet organizational goals
  • Create marketing strategies to meet customer needs
  • Provide information to enable an organization to maximize financial performance
  • Examine business situations from legal, ethical, and regulatory perspectives
  • Predict how changes in the international economic environment will affect an organization
  • Propose strategies to improve an organization’s competitive position

Why Choose JFK University?

Since 1965, John F. Kennedy University has been providing higher education to lifelong adult learners in the Bay Area and beyond. Here are just a few benefits of enrolling at JFK University:

  • Private nonprofit university
  • Accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)
  • Campus, online, and FlexCourse℠ on-demand online programs
  • Locations in Pleasant Hill and San Jose, CA
  • Experienced faculty who are practitioners in their fields
  • Service learning and internship opportunities

It’s About Tradition

John F. Kennedy University is an accredited nonprofit institution that has been preparing working adults to advance their careers and communities for over 50 years. Offering a variety of innovative, flexible degree programs, we make it possible for busy adults from various walks of life to realize personal and professional growth. We’re committed to providing the full range of support each student needs to change their lives and communities for the better.

The best way to make a change is getting a
good education.

– Mark, John F. Kennedy University College of Law Student