What are My Next Steps?
Questions and Answers about JFKU Transition Plans for Students

Our mission at John F. Kennedy University has always been to provide our students with a transformational education experience that helps them pursue their dreams in an engaging and enriching environment that is adaptable to their busy lives. In recent years we have focused on strengthening our most distinctive programs—our highly regarded schools of psychology and law—while moving more programs online to reach more students seeking greater flexibility to learn wherever and whenever they need.

While we have made significant changes to be relevant, viable, and cost-effective, the university’s position as a small, tuition-dependent institution in an increasingly competitive environment has increasingly become a precarious one.

After careful consideration, the JFK University Board has decided that it will best to administratively relocate our programs to other institutions within the National University System (NUS) and then close university operations by the end of 2020.

We know you will have many questions about your courses, your program and your ability to achieve your educational goals. We will be working closely with students individually and by program to help you get the answers you need to move forward. As a first step, we hope you will review the answers below to questions we assume all students will have.


How will the changes affect my program?

The JFK University College of Law and the undergraduate programs in psychology and management, currently offered through FlexCourse, will be adopted by Northcentral University. Our graduate psychology programs will be adopted by National University or students will have the opportunity to transfer into an existing program at NU that is closely aligned with their current program.

For most of you, nothing changes. You will be able to continue to study in the same or similar programs. All programs will be online with the exception of the PsyD which will be offered on-ground here in the East Bay by National University. We will also continue to provide on-the-ground learning experiences and clinical training embedded in the East Bay community.

We will work with you to ensure that you can stay on course to earn your degree and answer any other questions you have about their program of study moving forward.

Are there some programs that will be discontinued and will not transfer to other institutions?

The only programs that will be discontinued are our AA degree program and certificate in Trauma Studies. Most students will be able to complete their certificates or and their AA degree before JFKU ceases operations, or will have the option to transfer into another program within the National University System. We will work with students in that program to provide them with information about how to complete their studies.

Where do I go to find out about more information about my particular program?

Because programs will be affected differently by the transition, we encourage you to reach out to your academic advisor or your program chair with specific questions about your program.

Has JFKU lost its accreditation?

No. JFKU is still fully accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). Students who graduate from JFKU in 2020 will be graduating from an accredited university. WSCUC has clear requirements and guidelines for closure and teaching out programs–the process by which we will help you either complete your program or transition to another institution. WSCUC has reviewed JFK University’s transition plan based on those guidelines. For more information about the WSCUC teach out policy click here. If you would like to contact WSCUC about questions you have, please contact our WSCUC liaison Barbara Gross Davis, Ph.D. at bdavis@wscuc.org.

What will happen to my financial aid?

Financial aid is unique to each student. The best way to understand how your financial aid is impacted by transferring schools is to contact a financial aid advisor and discuss your situation. Our advisors are ready to help you. You can also visit https://studentaid.gov/ to take some initial steps to be better prepared.

  • Ensure that you have completed the most recent years FAFSA.
  • Add the school code for the school to which you are transferring to your FAFSA.
    • Northcentral University’s school code is 038133
    • National University’s school code is 011460

    (if you are unsure which school you are transferring to, there is no penalty for adding both school codes to your FASFFA)

  • Review your loan borrowing history.
  • Ensure that your master promissory note (MPN) is not expired.
  • Make sure you have completed your entrance counseling for your loans.

If you have additional questions, please call 925-969-3443 or email finaid@jfku.edu.

I am in the middle of the current term, when would I transfer to National University or Northcentral University?

When you will transfer will depend on your program. We will be meeting with all students by program and can provide more information in those meetings and will keep you updated regarding the transfer of your particular program throughout the coming months.

Where will my degree come from?

If you complete your program of study by December 31, 2020, your degree will be awarded by JFK University.

What if I decide to attend another institution to complete my studies?

You are free to do that, and our staff will work with you and those institutions to provide a smooth transfer. We have identified a list of alternative options on a program basis outside of the National University System students may want to consider. That said, we hope you stay within the National University System, which will offer most students incentives to encourage you to complete your degrees within the system.

How closely aligned are the programs of study at NU and NCU to the programs at JFKU?

Most of the programs will be new at National University and Northcentral University although they align well with existing programs. We will be working with students to help create continuity for students as the programs move to their respective receiving institutions.

Does this mean that my credits will easily transfer and I don’t have to change the focus of my programs when I change institutions?

We will be working with you to make the transfer of credits within the National University System as seamless as possible dependent on program requirements.

Will students at JFKU be forced to move from an in-person, on-campus environment to an online environment if they want to pursue their degree within the NUS system?

If so, how does the institution intend to ensure they succeed in that new environment?

All programs, with the exception of the PsyD, will be offered online through National University or Northcentral University.

National University and Northcentral University are leaders in online education and have developed extensive student support systems to assist students and we will focus resources on those students who are transitioning between institutions to ensure they succeed. However, each student will also be provided alternative local options outside the National University System, if they wish to continue their education in an on-campus, in-person learning environment. JFK University will work with students and these other institutions to ensure a smooth transition.

What will JFK and the National University System do to support me through this transition?

Most students will receive a tuition discount and we will work with you to make the transfer of credits to the adopting institution as seamless as possible depending on program requirements. We will continue to provide academic advising services to assure you stay on target with your Personalized Graduation Plan. Our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible and to ensure that you reach your educational goal as efficiently as possible.

Is the value of my JFKU degree diminished because I will be in one of the last classes of an institution that is closing?

Sometimes degrees lose value when institutions abruptly close and there is no one to verify that a student attended and earned a degree. But student records for JFK University will live on as part of the National University System. Any employers who want to verify that you graduated in good standing simply need to check in with us.

For those of you who graduate from JFKU, the value of your degree is based on the fact that you will have graduated from a regionally accredited university. JFKU is accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges Senior University and College Commission (WSCUC). In addition, several programs hold program-specific accreditation. The Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) program is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) Commission on Accreditation. The JD program is accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California (CalBar), and the BA in Legal Studies and the Paralegal Certificate programs are accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA).

Most importantly you will join over 45,000 proud JFKU alumni from around the country who represent the strong history and tradition of our institution and continue to spread the ideals and values of JFKU. The university’s legacy lives on in them and you. Receiving a degree from JFKU, even in this last year, is an achievement that you can be proud of and that will be respected by your peers, employers and your fellow JFKU alumni.

How do I order another copy of my diploma?

If your diploma was permanently destroyed or lost, you may order a replacement diploma by emailing registration@jfku.edu. The fee for a replacement diploma is $50. All replacement

How long will I have access to my JFKU Email and Google Drive folders?

JFK University’s GSuite accounts (Gmail, Google Drive) will remain available and active through June 30, 2021.

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

Until the end of 2020, you can get a copy of your transcript through JFKU’s normal process which involves sending a transcript request to the National Student Clearinghouse which allows you to order transcripts, make payments, and view the status and progress of their requests completely online. After programs have transitioned the NUS and the receiving institutions will provide information on how former JFKU students can access their transcripts.

How do I get more information about what to do next?

There are several resources for you as we move forward. We have posted information on our University website (https://www.jfku.edu/program-relocation) that will explain what is happening and how the transition process will work.