What is happening with my program?

JFKU’s graduate psychology programs will become a branch campus of NU and become the John F. Kennedy School of Psychology at National University. The John F. Kennedy College of Law, including the JD, the BA and Paralegal Certificate Programs, will move to Northcentral University and carry on its name as the JFK School of Law at NCU. JFKU’s undergraduate programs in psychology and management, currently offered through FlexCourse, will be continued and adopted by NCU.

Our top priorities for this transition are to ensure that:

  • all students can continue their educational pursuit and earn a degree;
  • virtually all JFKU programs can continue and be supported with the full resources of the NUS;
  • students in the East Bay community will continue to have educational and on-the-ground training opportunities that serve both students and the community; and,
  • faculty and staff have the time and resources to be able to transition to new roles within the NUS wherever possible.

Click on each link below to learn more about the relocation details for each program: