Now Online! MA Consciousness and Transformative Studies

After nearly 40 years of offering the Master of Arts in Consciousness and Transformative Studies onsite we are now launching a 100% online version of the same program this fall as part of JFKu’s innovative FlexCourse℠ platform that offers affordable online college degrees.

About the Curriculum
The program aims to facilitate a combination of conceptual understanding, personal transformation, and professional development. This 58-unit interdisciplinary master’s degree approaches consciousness from five perspectives: philosophy, new science, spirituality, psychology, and cultural perspectives. The program emphasizes integration of learnings from these knowledge domains with personal development.

A unique component of the program is a professional development track to assist students in translating academic learnings into a viable livelihood. The eight required units of professional development ensure that students receive both the consciousness studies core curriculum and practical training in areas such as teaching, coaching, workshop facilitation, starting one’s own business, writing and publishing, and organizational consulting. The curriculum includes some courses in the “new sciences” of living systems theory, neuroscience, and quantum physics. Most students are drawn to the program due to the compelling power of personal transformative consciousness experiences.

During the final year of coursework, students will undertake a research project that focuses your learnings in an area of personal interest, develops an area of expertise within the field, and prepares you to translate your learnings into application in the real world.

Career Potential
Alumni of the program have worked in a variety of fields, including: coaching, teaching, workshop facilitation, writing and publishing, organizational consulting, and entrepreneurship, among other self-directed creative possibilities.

Social Outcomes
At a social level, many students have the experience of “finding their tribe” within the consciousness and transformative studies learning community. Some of the topics addressed in the program are considered esoteric knowledge in other places. Those with serious interest in the areas of consciousness, psychology, spirituality, the symbolic aspect of the psyche, etc. often feel marginalized by these interests and the special aptitudes associated with them. The validation that students receive, through this shared social reality, through the systematic study and mastery of this knowledge base, and through the legitimizing power of a master’s degree, often generates a dramatic shift in students’ identity and outer lives, granting them the permission and the capacity to express their deeper values and true purpose in a new and public way.

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