New for 2016-2017: The Kennedy League Blog

Welcome to the official blog of John F. Kennedy University, The Kennedy League. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area and founded in 1965, JFKU has a rich and varied history steeped in tradition, community service, activism, life-long learning, leadership and empowerment.

As we embarked on the adventure of creating this blog, we consciously chose to draw on the depth and strength of our school’s history, wanting to bring it into the modern era to share with the new, digital and global community that we are a part of.

To this end, we poured through countless numbers of old, archival material, diving deep into the vision of our founding faculty and early student body. In the first issue of the Student Association Newsletter titled JFKU News Notes from October 18, 1967 we discovered a now long forgotten student organization called The Kennedy League, which was “an association formed to spread information about JFKU.”

The Kennedy League created radio broadcasts on KWUN out of Concord and held book sales to fund the creation of the first school library, all with the mission to grow the campus, bring the student body, faculty, staff and community together and share with others the amazing things happening at what was then a revolutionary little startup school.

The League did a little bit of everything, from addressing “hard-hitting,” local controversial topics such as housing discrimination and BART investigations to debating the benefits or bother of stamp collecting and also created ash tray drives (because you could smoke on campus back then!).

It was this vision we wanted to continue on and uphold in this new communication platform and so we welcome you to the millennial edition of The Kennedy League.