ModCreative's Surprise Keynote Speaker Announced!

Introducing ILMxLABs Maggie Oh

Between roundtable brainstorming sessions, the ModCreative think-tank event hosted by John F. Kennedy’s Innovation and Creative Technology program will feature a 30-minute keynote address by a preeminent Bay Area innovator. That speaker has just been announced as leader, creator, and engineer Maggie Oh.

Oh is currently Technical PM at ILMxLAB’s Advanced Development Group, the immersive experience and technology innovation branch of Lucasfilm. In addition to working at the cutting edge of the leading effects facility in the world, Oh has worked on projects such as LiveCGX at London Fashion Week 2018, Microsoft’s HoloLens, Halo 4, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and Star Wars.

An active and voting member of the Visual Effects Society, Oh’s professional interests include entrepreneurship and technology innovation in realtime and offline rendering. Currently a Masters of Liberal Arts degree candidate at Harvard, she also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT and was an MFA candidate at Academy of Art University.

At the ModCreative event, Oh will address the future of creativity and technology before a room full of current and aspiring Bay Area innovators, thinkers, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear her speak!