MOD Creative’s Roundtable Format Promotes Shared Inquiry among Experts, Professionals, Newbies, and You

As individuals, each of us has our own unique set of knowledge, skills, and perspectives to bring to the table. When individuals with similar interests and different backgrounds get together to focus intimately and intently on a specific topic, a productive space of ideas and connections can open up. The format of John F. Kennedy University’s upcoming MOD Creative event derives from the belief that untapped stores of creativity emerge from collaborative spaces, and that a little structure can go a long way in inciting lucrative improvisations.

The main feature of this half-day event will be two 45-minute think-tank style sessions in which participants will join in on one of several small-group discussions of their choice, each facilitated by a local innovator whose work lies in the topic area. Two sessions mean that each participant will be able to participate in discussions surrounding two different topic areas of their choice, which they will select on arrival. While the topics and facilitators are set, the open-ended nature of the conversation and various interests and configurations of participants that turn up around each table will offer exciting variables for where the conversation may go and what the takeaways will be.

Between sessions, MOD Creative will also feature a 30-minute talk by a surprise keynote speaker in the area of innovation and technology. Prior to the keynote, participants will have a lunch hour with time to continue conversations and circulate. The event will be opened and closed with a short address from moderator John Banks, Chair of the Innovation and Creative Technology program at JFK University.

The process of shared inquiry emerges from the belief that one person’s thought process can help bring another deeper into their own, and that the brainpower conjured by a collaborative session can be greater than the sum of its parts. So, eat a brainy breakfast, and bring your questions.

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