MOD Creative Speaker Lineup is Up and Looking Impressive

The discussion leaders for John F. Kennedy University’s upcoming MOD Creative think tank style event have been announced and they include an exciting array of Bay Area makers and shakers. The MOD Creative event, hosted by the Creative Strategy program and moderated by Program Chair and artist John Banks, will bring these innovators together for an afternoon of intimate discussions focused on creative problem solving and critical thinking at the intersections of technology and design. Hailing from a range of industries, each speaker will facilitate a productive space for shared inquiry and collaboration surrounding a selection of focused topics including iterative design, non-hierarchical business structures, biomimesis, the business of creativity, and of course, emerging technologies. Check out the lineup of speakers and their topics below!

Immad Akuhnd, CEO of the stealth fin-tech startup Mercury, Formerly a Y-Combinator partner, and Ceo and Co-founder of HeyZap, has appeared on‘s 30 under 30 list and will lead a discussion surrounding non-hierarchical business structures.



Tina Blaine,CEO of Rhythmix Cultural Works, is also a scholar who has worked to develop collective experiences that integrate game design, sonic discovery, and interactive media. Her table will focus on emerging technologies and their impact on creativity.



Lisa Cooke, Co-Founder of Illumina, a studio specializing in scientific visualization and corporate communications, has an extensive background in the film industry including as a story analyst, screenwriter, and creative consultant. She will be discussing the importance of developing a ‘strategic’ story in business.



Clark Dodsworth, Osage Consulting, is a strategist and product definer whose work includes realtime AI, simulation, wearables, and innovative entertainment applications in spaces such as theme parks and online. He will discuss strategy in emerging technologies and biomimetic design.



Mark Resch of Burner Express Air will discuss iteration and design and how there came to be such a thing as the Burning Man airline.




Jason MacRae is Director of Creative and Digital Media at Sports Media Technology, a pioneer in sports technology that is revolutionizing how sports fans watch their favorite events.




David Valentin, Producer of Mr. Smith Studios, has spent over 20 years working at premiere visual effects facilities helping to deliver some of the most iconic shots in cinematic history. He will lead participants in a conversation about the business of art and the paradoxical problem of putting chaos onto the schedule.



Rounding out the lineup will be, you! That is, all attendees will be encouraged to participate and brainstorm together in this creative and collaborative event.

This event is no longer open.