Bonnie Bernstein, MFT, BC-DMT, REAT, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Dance/Movement Therapist and Expressive Arts Therapist mentored by pioneer dance therapist Blanche Evan from 1970-82. For over 45 years she has worked primarily in in-depth, insight-oriented dance/movement/word therapy for the higher functioning client. She specializes in therapy for survivors of sexual trauma and has published in this area. Since 2008, she has facilitated month-long workshops for survivors of sex trafficking and psychosocial trauma in Kolkata, India. Her lifelong research is on the therapeutic use of dance in indigenous world cultures. She is an adjunct professor at JFK University and is Director of “Live Is Movement” Dance/Movement Therapy Institute: In The Methods Of Blanche Evan. Ms. Bernstein has a private practice in Palo Alto, CA


  • Movement Seminar
  • Dance/Movement Therapy: Theory and Practice

Selected Publications

Bernstein, B. (1995). Dancing beyond trauma. In F.Levy (Ed.), Dance & other expressive art therapies: When words are not enough, (pp. 41-58). N.Y.: Routledge Press.

Bernstein, B. (2013). Treating survivors of trauma in the global community. In Maller, D. and Fritchele, M. (Eds.), The Praeger Handbook of Community Mental Health (pp.109-126). California: Praeger Press.

Bernstein, B. (2009). From survivor to healers: Dance/movement therapy and expressive arts therapy in Kolkata India. In IEATA Newsletter Edition #1 of 2009, pp.4-7.

Bernstein, B. (2018). Dance/movement therapy with elders: Dance for health and healing. In Maller, D. and Langsam K. (Eds.), The Praeger Handbook of Community Mental Health, (pp. 86-92). California: Praeger Press.

Credentials & Accolades

Giving USA Report San Jose: Rick Happy

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  • John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill Campus

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College of Psychology

Lauren Gogarty


Lauren Gogarty, MA is adjunct faculty in the College of Psychology and the Academic Certificate in Trauma Studies at John F. Kennedy University (JFKU). She received his master’s degree in Holistic Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis on Buddhist Psychology, from JFKU in 2013. Outside of teaching she is clinical director for the Harambee Arts Nepal, an expressive arts therapy program for survivors of human trafficking in Kathmandu. Her private practice has a focus on survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking in the US, as well as a general practice working with the LGBTQ community.

Credentials & Accolades

MA in Counseling Psychology, Holistic Studies at John F. Kennedy University


Venerable Tenzin Chogkyi is a Buddhist nun, activist and popular Buddhist retreat leader and teacher. She loves bridging the worlds of Buddhist thought, current events, and the latest research in the field of positive psychology. As well as being passionate about her spiritual practice, she also cares deeply about prison reform, animal rights, social justice and bringing an end to systemic forms of oppression.

Venerable Tenzin first became interested in meditation after reading Be Here Now and Autobiography of a Yogi in the early 1970s. She describes her spiritual path over the next 20 years as “meandering and haphazard” until she bought a one-way ticket to India in early 1991 with the intention of meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In the end, she became a student not only of His Holiness, but also of Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche and Lama Zopa Rinpoche during the year she spent studying at Tushita Meditation Centre in Dharamsala, India and Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal.

After returning to the US, Venerable Tenzin worked at various positions within Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s organization, the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT). She was director of Vajrapani Institute, co-director the FPMT International Office, and coordinator of FPMT Center Services. She also completed several long meditation retreats over a six-year period.

Venerable Tenzin took preliminary ordination vows with Lama Zopa Rinpoche in 2003 and novice ordination in 2004 with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Since 2006 she has been teaching at various FPMT centers around the world, in North and South America, India, Nepal, Australia, and New Zealand. She is also a visiting teacher for the Liberation Prison Project and has taught in prisons in the US, Colombia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Venerable Tenzin is authorized by the FPMT to teach at both the foundational and in-depth levels, and to lead long retreats. She is also a teacher of the a.r.t. of Fulfillment, one of the secular programs of the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom, and in October 2018 will be completing the teacher training for Compassion Cultivation Training, a program developed by Geshe Thubten Jinpa and colleagues at Stanford University. In addition, she is certified teacher of Cultivating Emotional Balance, a secular program using contemplative techniques drawn from Buddhism for managing emotions, developed by Alan Wallace and Paul Ekman at His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s request.

In August 2018 she began a year-long training in a prison program developed by Insight-Out called G.R.I.P (Guiding Rage Into Power) at Avenal State Prison. She loves interfaith collaboration and is a volunteer for the Interfaith Speakers Bureau of the Islamic Networks Group.

After many years touring and teaching all over the world, in March of 2013, she became resident teacher at Gendun Drubpa Centre in central British Columbia. In December of 2015, she returned to Vajrapani Institute in California as resident teacher, and in August 2018 she moved to Land of Medicine Buddha in Soquel, a beautiful center in the redwood forest close to the Monterey Bay.


  • HSJ5100.3 Engaged Buddhism and Social Change

Credentials & Accolades

FPMT registered teacher, authorized to teach foundational and in-depth programs, lead retreats, and give refuge, and have certificates of completion for the FPMT’s Discovering Buddhism program and Basic Program

Cultivating Emotional Balance registered teacher, and co-teach this program as a full-time retreat every year at Vajrapani Institute with Eve Ekman and Ryan Redman

The a.r.t. of Fulfillment registered teacher, a new secular program developed by the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom, a project of the FPMT

Training as a teacher for Compassion Cultivation Training, a secular program developed by Stanford University’s medical school

Graduated from the Asian Classics Institute, having completed all eighteen courses of this program

Complete two traditional three-year meditation retreats, between March 2000 and July 2006

Ordained as a Buddhist nun by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in July 2004

Volunteer as a speaker for the Interfaith Speakers Bureau of the Islamic Networks Group in San Jose, CA, an organization that provides both Muslim and interfaith speakers for schools, business, and community events

Co-founder of the Women’s Spirituality Gathering, a project of the Canadian Mental Health Association of Williams Lake, British Columbia

Member of Board of Directors of Liberation Prison Project, 2010-2013, Dharamsala Animal Rescue, 2009-2012, and the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, 1995-1999

College of Psychology

Steve Del Chiaro, PsyD


Dr. Steven Del Chiaro has a diverse background that reflects his many interests. He began his undergraduate career at San Diego State University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Child Development. He then earned his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology at Loras College in Iowa while working as a Residence Hall Director, as well as working with the Counseling Center, Career Center, Student Activities Board, and Admissions Office. He has earned a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco, and has since worked as an educator and administrator at several institutions of higher education. Dr. Del Chiaro has also worked as a career counselor, sports therapist and executive coach. As Chair and Professor at JFKU for 10 years, he has taught a variety of psychology courses at different educational levels. In addition, he currently works as a therapist for the County of Santa Clara Sherriff’s Office and Department of Corrections. His present research is in the area of couples communication patterns and animal assisted therapy.

Dr. Del Chiaro is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Western Psychological Association.

Credentials & Accolades

University of San Francisco, PsyD., Counseling Psychology

Loras College, MS, Clinical Psychology

San Diego State University, BA, Psychology

College of Psychology

Sage Williams


Through the use of mindfulness and holistic interventions in building, transforming and healing communities of color, my background is in mental health casework and advocacy. I am currently devoted to bringing awareness and providing therapy for people of color who experience severe systemic oppression through integral psychology, somatic psychology, research and education.


  • Cross Cultural Issues in Psychology

Credentials & Accolades

MFT in Holistic Counseling Psychology, John F. Kennedy University

Cultural Responsiveness Committee- Chair


I am currently in private practice ‘Layers of Self’ www.layersofself.com as a LMFT. I use a holistic approach with unconditional positive regard as the base. My approach combines transpersonal insights with somatic wisdom, using the concepts of Koshas from Yoga. I believe that clients are souls with the essential qualities of love, peace and joy as their inherent nature, that they have intuition and wisdom, that they can deal with the mental-emotional issues that they are encountering and they have the energy to do so and their physical body is just the surface of who they are. I also offer experiential classes to groups in order to glean the wisdom by connecting with chakras, energy centers in the body.

I teach the Body-Oriented Psychotherapy course at JFKU and combine experiential exercises with didactic learning and interactive discussions. I also invite practitioners in the field for guest lectures so that students can benefit from lived insights into various approaches.

I have started a non-profit www.DivaDiversity.com with a colleague, Arlene Ticoulet. DivaDiversity seeks to address diversity issues through its training programs and counseling center.

I serve as the Clinical Director of the Santa Clara chapter of “A Home Within” www.ahomewithin.org a national non-profit organization that offers free counseling services to anyone in the foster care system, free of cost for as long as it takes.

I also do visual art and my website www.Digmeart.com showcases it. I meditate regularly using Kriya Yoga, my Guru is Paramhansa Yogananda and my spiritual community is the Self-Realization Fellowship www.yogananda-srf.org. I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do and offer it as a service to Spirit.



  • Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

Credentials & Accolades

M.A. in Counseling and Clinical Psychology, John F. Kennedy University


College of Psychology

Maryasha Katz


Maryasha Katz, LCSW has worked in the field of domestic violence/sexual assault since 1985. While in private practice now, her previous clinical work included directing the Counseling and Sexual Assault Department at Monarch Services. In this role, she was instrumental in bringing the use of Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) into a protocol used for sexual assault forensic exams in Santa Cruz County. In addition, she developed and delivered Trauma Informed trainings to police officers and the District Attorney’s office. She has extensive experience in facilitating expressive arts groups. As a consultant and trainer for organizations, she focuses on a myriad of subjects including: Trauma, Vicarious Trauma, and Cultural Humility.

With many years as a dance instructor, she brings an active curiosity and awareness of her clients’ movement vocabulary into her work. She finds that utilizing the body through breath, movement, gesture and posture enriches the therapeutic process. Her classes in person and online have been met with an enthusiastic response from her students who find her to be warm, inviting and passionate about creating an open environment for learning.


  • Basic Addiction Studies
  • Vicarious Trauma and Self Care
  • Somatic Approaches to Trauma
  • Queer Families
  • Family Violence Across the Lifespan
  • Crisis and Trauma
  • Approaches to Trauma and PTSD
  • Human Sexuality
  • Community Mental Health
  • Clinical Skills: Partner & Spousal Abuse, Elder Care
  • Attachment and Developmental Approaches to Trauma
  • Coming Out and Queer Identities
  • Ethics and the Law
  • Clinical Case Seminar
  • Multicultural Competence
  • Family Life Cycle
  • Domestic Violence Workshop: Professional Development Course
  • Addictions and Compulsive Behaviors
  • Theories of Individual Therapy 1
  • Theories of Individual Therapy 2
  • Diversity Awareness: Professional Development Course
  • Feminist Psychotherapy
  • Somatic Theory
  • Career Development

Selected Publications

California Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Manual. California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Contributor. 2000.

Focusing on Pride: Sexual Assault Prevention in the LGBT Community. California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Contributor. 2001.

Focusing on Pride – Sexual Assault in the LGBT Community (Part II). California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Contributor. 2001.

A Practical Guide to Sexual Assault Advocacy in the Criminal Justice System. WCS~DdM in conjunction with Office of Emergency Services. Contributor. 2007.

Credentials & Accolades

MSW,  Arizona State University

Prepare/Enrich Certified Facilitator

EMDR Trained

Hakomi Trained

Expressive Arts Therapy Certification: JFK University

Queer Anti-Violence Task Force

Sexual Assault Response Team Member, Santa Cruz County

Elderly and Dependent Adult Protective Services Task Force, Santa Cruz County

Lesbian Task Force, Burlington, VT

College of Psychology

LaDonna Silva


LaDonna Silva is a licensed therapist working with individuals and couples. Her specialities include helping those facing trauma, grief, sexuality and adversity while on life’s journey. She also works with the LGBTQ community.
LaDonna loves bringing the work alive in the room and supports clients in facing their unfinished processes.
As a young adult LaDonna faced her fears and began telling her story about childhood sexual abuse. Her healing journey lead her to opening up about her own sexual trauma. LaDonna appeared on an award winning MTV documentary and made a guest appearance on Oprah on the topic of sexual abuse. After sharing her own story she decided to return to school so she can support others on their journey to freedom.
Her passion for healing as a possibility invites others to find their voice, take responsibility for their choices now, and heal the pain that holds them back and keeps them stuck.


  • Sexuality
  • Group Process

Credentials & Accolades

MA, Counseling Psychology, John F. Kennedy University

College of Psychology

Jason X. Ventura


Good day!
My name is Jason X. Ventura and I was born and raised in San Jose, California. I attended Santa Teresa High School (where many of my family members also attended the same school) and continued my education at West Valley Community College, where I finished my degree in Liberal Arts and transferred to San Jose State University (go Spartans). I majored in Sociology (concentration in Criminology), with a minor in Psychology, and completed my Master’s in Sociology, at San Jose State. While attending San Jose State University, I served as a “”fill-in”” instructor for Dr. Tootell (Social Theory and Statistics), and teacher’s aide for Dr. Hebert.

At John F. Kennedy University, I teach Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and theories of Personality (on site and online). In addition, I am also a lecturer at San Jose State University where I teach Social Psychology, Psychology of Personality, Psychology of Prejudice, and Psychology 100W (APA writing course).

My previous employment includes working as a counselor for a boys group home, anger management facilitator at Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall and a substitute teacher for the Oak Grove school district. I volunteer my time as a teacher for St Julie’s bible study program and Life Moves homeless shelter. I love to teach, believe knowledge is power, and firmly believe in our duty to assist others who are less fortunate. Altogether, I have been teaching for almost twenty years and I have been with JFKU for four.
– Jason X. Ventura


  • Theories of Personality
  • Social Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology

Credentials & Accolades

Masters in Sociology (emphasis in Criminology and minor in Psychology), San Jose State University.