Law Students Operate TrialDirector at Mock Trials

Students in the John F. Kennedy University College of Law‘s Trial Advocacy course recently participated in mock trials at the A.F. Bray Courthouse in Martinez. Mock trial teams were supported by their fellow law students from the law school’s Trial Technology Skills course, where they learned to operate TrialDirector, a widely-used trial presentation program. TrialDirector helps attorneys organize and present exhibits and videos for a jury in a visually appealing and seamless way.

While the attorneys questioned witnesses and presented opening statements and closing arguments, the jury was able to see what evidence was being referenced. The exhibits were marked up to make the information being emphasized by the attorney more visually available to the jury. The students were excited to experience a simulated live environment where they can practice their skills. The attorneys in the mock trial believed TrialDirector helped to focus the jury on the points they wanted to highlight.

Overall, a great opportunity for all the law students, and another way that the College of Law is preparing its students to immediately contribute to their future employers after graduation.