The Law Student Association at JFKU is busy and up to exciting things beneficial to law students at the University. Read on to learn more about law students’ recent experience with an ABOTA mock trial and future events with the LSA.

This fall 21 members of the JFKU Law Student Association convened in San Francisco for the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) Masters in Trial program. The students viewed a mock trial performed by the top litigating attorneys in California complete with a professional jury and professional actors. Alongside students from other law programs throughout the Bay Area, the students witnessed everything from opening statements to direct examination, cross examination, presentation of evidence, and closing statements. They even got to watch the jury’s deliberations via Skype and see firsthand how they came to their conclusions via the outcome of the trial. The trial was followed by a Q and A session.

“This is an opportunity to see the law in motion,” says Diana Lopez, President of the Law Student Association. “You get to see what you’ve learned in your classes in action, as opposed to just in theory. To be able to see how it actually plays out is such a different view than what we normally see.”

“This event is highly beneficial for students taking trial advocacy,” emphasizes Marianne Overton, Vice President of the Law Student Association. “Because there was a panel of 12 attorneys on each side, we got to see many different styles of litigation. I took away that there are many different ways to question the witness. It was a very eye-opening and inspirational experience.”

Lopez adds that the experience was also a great opportunity for networking. With 21 JFKU  law students in attendance, the students were able to continue to discuss among themselves the case and what they had learned after the event.

Interested in what else the Law Student Association at JFKU is up to? “We’re an active association,” says Overton. “We’re constantly trying to improve the communication between students and faculty and to help students get through law school via inside and outside sources.”

In addition to attending the ABOTA mock trial, the LSA also recently hosted a highly interactive panel featuring JFKU law professors answering questions about current issues in law. This past fall they held an informational session for new students in need of tutorials on how to use various technology and softwares needed to succeed in the program. Coming up is a two-part series featuring practicing attorneys from JFKU and students who have already held internships offering insight and advice to students currently seeking to get started in the field. The association is also currently hosting a food drive.

Those interested in more information on Law Student Association happenings can contact Diana Lopez at