On July 28, 2018, the trial advocacy law students took over the A.F. Bray Courthouse in Martinez to compete in mock trials. Students were paired up as either plaintiff or defense teams, and made their cases to attentive jurors. In all five mock trials, students operated the latest trial presentation software to display evidence for jurors, witnesses, and the judge to see during opening statements, witness questioning, and closing arguments. Some law students operated either TrialDirector or TrialPad for themselves, and a couple of teams had Legal Studies undergraduate students sitting in the hot seat, operating the presentation software. Operating the software during a live trial, after learning the related evidentiary rules and being trained on utilizing the programs to their full capabilities, allows for invaluable experience for John F. Kennedy University’s law and undergraduate legal studies students.

We appreciate the support of the HSI Grant that helped make the insertion of these programs into the curriculum possible.