John Banks & Dr. David Peterzel

The Psychology of Virtual Reality 2.0

As the long-heralded technology enabling virtual reality (VR) hits the mainstream, it is raising an entirely new realm of questions about the nature of self and one’s relation to the world and to others. The psychology of VR explores, among other things, the experience of the self in virtual realities, where notions of personal identity can become more fluid and less constrained.

John Banks, program chair for JFK University’s new Creative Strategy Program, and Dr. David Peterzell, cognitive scientist and clinical psychologist, will lead an interactive conversation on this exciting new field of study. Drawing from what were once considered by many to be purely intellectual pursuits such as philosophy of mind, the psychology of VR deals with metaphysical issues’such as the notion of multiple selves — that were once the stuff of science fiction but are fast entering the realm of physical possibility.

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