Dr. Zvi Bellin, Assistant Professor of Holistic Counseling Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, just had his article in the Journal of Humanistic Counseling lauded as one of the journal’s top downloads in 2017/18. The article, Attending to Meaning in Life in the Lives of Marginalized Individuals, discusses the particular struggles, and triumphs, experienced by individuals from marginalized groups attempting to find and make meaning in their lives. Garnering immediate and consistent interest among members of the psychology field, Dr. Bellin’s piece stands as a significant contribution to advancement in the field.

“We’re all so proud of and excited for Dr. Zvi Bellin that he’s getting the recognition that he deserves,” says Jacob Kaminker, Chair of the Holistic Counseling Department. “This attention is due in part to the professional community’s recognition that he is contributing in meaningful ways to the field.”

Dr. Bellin’s article documents and discusses his narrative study investigating how eight participants who identify with marginalized groups in the United States experience “meaning frustration,” or the inability to connect to meaning in one’s life. The article illustrates how meaning frustration in individuals from marginalized groups stems from internalized oppression. It also examines how the eight individuals studied were ultimately able to transcend their frustration and create meaning in their lives. The article concludes by discussing implications for psychotherapists and by demonstrating how transcendence of meaning frustration can occur through the fundamentals of humanistic counseling.

“Zvi’s scholarship is a reflection of his hard work in the Holistic Research Center,” adds Kaminker. “Additionally, his choice of research subject demonstrates his commitment to the values shared by our community. Congratulations, Zvi!”