The College of Psychology’s Dr. Alette Coble-Temple was just elected to serve for a 3-year term on the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Board of Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest. Dr. Coble-Temple’s tireless work in advocating for women and people with disabilities in the social and political spheres, as well as in the area of psychology, make her a powerhouse selection for this role. Congratulations Dr. Coble-Temple!

“I am very excited to serve on the Board of Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest (BAPPI),” says Dr. Coble-Temple. “As a woman psychologist with cerebral palsy, my career and personal life have been devoted to navigating social, political, and psychological aspects facing women in our communities, especially related to healthcare, reproductive rights, and managing multiple roles. Becoming a member of BAPPI is the next step in intersecting my professional expertise of clinical practice issues with my personal commitment to advancing public policy, research, and social justice to enhance the lives of those who have been traditionally marginalized.”

A professor in the Doctor of Psychology program at JFKU, Dr. Coble-Temple has already gained recognition for her achievements in advocacy. In 2015 she was crowned Ms. Wheelchair California and in 2016 Ms. Wheelchair America for her innovative and lifelong efforts to improve social, political, and psychological conditions for people with disabilities. Dr. Coble-Temple has traveled throughout the country promoting her platform known as PRIDE: Parental Rights Includes Disability Equality. Through this platform Dr. Coble-Temple promotes policy and community-based infrastructure to support parents with disabilities as well as to transform social response to the disabled population.

Dr. Coble-Temple’s appointment to the Board will place her among other decision-makers geared toward addressing fundamental issues of human justice. For the professor and advocate, this is the next step in her lifelong work, and she is ready for it. “I thrive in situations where synthesizing multiple perspectives in order for an agenda item to move to the next level is required and enjoy working with others to become agents of change for disenfranchised and marginalized groups of people,” she says. “I am honored to be part of a team of individuals who are committed to addressing fundamental problems of human welfare and social justice at a national and international level.”

Dr. Coble-Temple’s appointment will begin on January 1st, 2019 and proceed for three years. Congratulations Dr. Coble-Temple, and good luck on advancing your work to the next level!

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