Dr. Tegan Adams, alumna of the MA in Sport Psychology and Clinical PsyD dual degree program at John F. Kennedy University, just landed an exciting and distinguished new role as the main sport psychologist at UC Davis. In this position, Adams will be able to build on her career in counseling, sport psychology, and performance consultancy, while working to reduce the stigma of mental health among athletes.

There is one sport psychologist at UC Davis and that person will be Dr. Tegan Adams. The position is housed in the counseling center, and includes supervision of two doctoral level trainees each year. While the position has been longstanding at UC Davis, Adams’ move into the role coincides with one notable change. This is the first year that the sport psychologist, in addition to being housed for their typical three days per week in the counseling center, will be housed for another two days per week within athletics. This development will provide Adams the opportunity to offer mental health and performance enhancement to athletes as well as to collaborate with athletic trainers, team physicians, and coaches.

“My goal in this role is to decrease stigma about mental health among athletes,” says Adams. “I hope that my presence in athletics will increase access and awareness among athletes about the resources available to them.” Adams adds that this concept of presence is definitely something she took away from her studies at JFKU, where emphasis was placed on observing and being present at practices and games in order to build trust over time. She looks forward to applying this practice in her new role.

Congratulations, Dr. Adams!