JFKU Community Counseling Centers Continue Proud Tradition of Serving Bay Area Communities

(NOTE: For more information on the Centers, including how to apply for services, visit http://www.jfkuccc.org/)

Since 1984, JFK University’s Community Counseling Centers have played a central role not only within the University itself but also within the communities they serve. While providing much-needed services to disadvantaged and vulnerable segments of the population, the Centers also give JFK University students invaluable hands-on experience working directly with real clients under the supervision of experienced professionals.

With a stated mission to provide “high-quality, affordable outpatient mental health and psycho-educational services to the community” and ‘in-house, highly supervised training for JFK University students’, the Centers fulfill two important functions vital to the University’s goals. First, by providing needed care to underserved individuals, the Centers advance the University’s role as a community partner and a force for positive change. Second, the Centers give students the experience necessary to become not only effective, successful practitioners within their respective fields, but socially conscious ones as well. By instilling in students the value of public-interest work, JFK University and the Community Counseling Centers strive to nurture in them a sense of civic responsibility that they will carry with them long after graduation.

While the true impact the Centers have on the community could never be completely summed up in data alone, the numbers do paint an impressive picture:

Students Trained Annually: 150

Clients Served Annually: 2,000

Total Client Sessions Per Year: 18,000 – 22,000

Market Value of Services Provided Annually: $1.6 – $1.9 million

With fees assessed on a sliding scale based on ability to pay, many of the adults, children, couples, and families who utilize the Centers’ services would be otherwise unable to afford much-needed treatment. JFK University and the Community Counseling Centers strongly believe that care should be delivered as it is needed, not on an ability-to-pay basis, and they are proud of the role the Centers play in making this ideal a reality for their clientele.

The Centers assist individuals, couples, and families in achieving personal growth and healing while overcoming challenges dealing with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Substance Abuse
  • Youth Issues (Self-Esteem, Bullying, Sexuality, School-Related Problems)
  • Family Issues (Parenting, Child-Parent Conflict, Domestic Violence)

With locations in Oakland, Sunnyvale, and Concord, the Community Counseling Centers offer care to underserved populations throughout the Bay Area. The Centers are open six days per week, with evening sessions available.