JFK University Announces Thursday Soapbox Lecture and Event Series

JFK University is excited to announce the start of a new lecture and event series. Beginning July 13, 2017, Thursday Soapbox will be held every Thursday this summer from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at JFK University’s campuses throughout the Bay. Open to the general public, Thursday Soapbox will feature top minds in their respective fields speaking on a variety of subjects of keen importance in today’s world.

“Since 1964, it has been the mission of JFK University to provide not only a top-tier education to our students but also to serve as a resource to the local community,” explains JFK University President Debra Bean. “One important way in which we carry forward this tradition of community involvement is through our JFK University lecture series.”

On Thursday, July 13, 2017, Professor Ian Kelley will kick off the season of Thursday Night Soapbox with a talk on contemporary issues in Constitutional Law, a subject at the heart of much of today’s news. Each Thursday thereafter, new experts will present on a different topic. Formats vary as much as the topics, from lecture to panel discussions, workshops, and even film screenings. So make sure to check back regularly for the most up-to-date list of speakers and subjects.

“Bringing together students, faculty, and interested members of the public, Thursday Soapbox series hosts cutting-edge thinkers and practitioners from around the world who speak on a wide range of interesting topics that impact our lives,” continues President Bean. “Covering subjects from law to technology, psychology, and art, the Thursday Soapbox series represents one of the many avenues through which JFK University connects with our surrounding community, spreading knowledge, sparking dialogue, and helping create a more informed, involved citizenry.”

Visit our event calendar for a complete listing of Thursday Soapbox and other events put on by JFK University.