The John F. Kennedy University Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) reflect the broader mission and purpose of the institution. It is the overarching set of learning outcomes that all students, regardless of discipline, achieve by graduation. The ILOs represent a profile of our graduates at completion of their degrees and as such, also represent a promise to our students and their families and communities.

Graduates, at a level appropriate to their degree, will be able to:

  • Demonstrate intellectual skills and abilities appropriate to a particular field of study
  • Apply specialized knowledge in a particular field of study
  • Apply relevant ethical principles or frameworks to help inform decision-making
  • Effectively practice with an awareness of a multicultural and diverse community
  • Demonstrate a commitment to service to the community

In addition to the above outcomes, all undergraduate graduates will demonstrate Core Competency through the following learning outcomes:

  • Communicate critically, analytically, and creatively
  • Use qualitative and quantitative reasoning to support research