Harlem Wizards LEAP Fundraiser

Basketball fans are in for an incredible treat when the Sport Psychology program at John F. Kennedy University brings the phenomenal Harlem Wizards team to Northgate High School in Walnut Creek on April 30, 2017 for a unique afternoon of athleticism and good old-fashioned fun.

Started in 1962 by New York sports promoter Howie Davis and now celebrating 54 years of Wizardry, the Harlem Wizards are a show basketball entity delivering wildly successful fundraiser events for schools and nonprofits, last season alone playing in over 400 communities across the USA and raising over $2 million.

The Wizards roster is full of amazing hoop talent, featuring high-flying antics by former Globetrotter showmen and All-American athletes. The comedy, the audience participation, and the spontaneity deliver a world class show in an intimate and community setting and create a family-friendly experience sure to be treasured.

The beneficiary of the event’s fundraising activities will be the Solt Evans LEAP Project, an initiative designed to help youth from underserved populations succeed in sport, school, and life through mental skill building. Through LEAP, faculty and students of the Sport Psychology Program at John F. Kennedy University empower participants to reflect, recognize their potential, understand how to reach it, and make sound, thoughtful decisions along the way.

Rather than focusing simply on sports, participants in the LEAP project learn to use sport psychology to improve their life skills and develop respect for themselves and others. Techniques including goal setting, relaxation, concentration and positive self-talk are taught in an interactive and non-traditional games environment. Participants are then encouraged to utilize these skills in other aspects of their lives.

Donations to the LEAP Project help sustain LEAP’s presence and involvement in the community. Your support will help fund the yearly summer camps including the Challenge Camp at Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility and the Sport Specific Camp helping underserved youth participating on sports teams; as well workshops with community athletic teams, clubs and organizations.

On Sunday April 30, 2017 at 1pm join JFK University’s Sport Psychology Program and the high-flying, gravity-defying Harlem Wizards for an afternoon full of fun, laughs and athleticism, all for a good cause. Purchase tickets here.

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