Robbin L. Rasbury, PsyD is an Associate Professor at John F. Kennedy University and graduate of California School of Psychology with emphasis on multicultural competency. She is now Core faculty in the Doctor of Psychology program at JFKU after starting as Core Faculty in the MFT MA in Counseling Psychology Program from 2010 to March 2018 and Program Chair from 2015 to 2018.

Dr. Rasbury teaches attachment, psychodynamic theory, clinical skills, family life cycle, foster and adoption, children, adolescents and family treatment and interventions; and crisis and trauma, and multicultural competence. She enjoys advising and mentoring students and facilitated a monthly support group for African American students in the MA and PsyD program for five years. On the University level, Dr. Rasbury is an Executive Faculty member on the Faculty Senate and Chair of the Multicultural Curriculum Committee; and has served on hiring committees for faculty and staff. In 2017, Dr. Rasbury was an External Reviewer for a MFT program in the Bay Area.

Prior to working at JFKU, Dr. Rasbury was the Supervisor of the Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care Program for high-risk adolescents. This involved recruitment and training of specialized foster parents to parent these teens and collaborating with probation officers and social services who referred the youth. The purpose of this program was to reunify the youth with their parents of origin after completing the program. At Oakland Children’s Hospital as liaison clinician providing parent-infant therapy to incarcerated women of color and their babies.

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  • MFT in Counseling Psychology
  • Doctor in Psychology

As Staff Psychologist at UCLA TIES for Adoption Program, Dr. Rasbury developed, conducted & facilitated parenting strategies trainings for prospective adoptive parents who were adopting transracially. Provided individual, conjoint, family, and group treatment with children & teenagers transitioning from foster care to their foster/adoptive parents and adoptive parents. As part of UCLA TIES research and multidisciplinary team, Dr. Rasbury administered child and adolescent’s assessments that included neuropsychological testing. At APA conference, she co-presented TIES research. Dr. Rasbury’s qualitative research was White Parents planning to adopt African-American and Latino/a child. She has experience conducting child and adult assessments in community mental health settings; both outpatient and inpatient; and conducting groups for women in outpatient drug treatment with sexual abuse histories.

She has been both a consultant and trainer at PACT’s yearly camp in the Bay Area. Both the training and consulting addresses adoptive parent strategies trainings related to the lifespan issues in adoption and their potential impact on the adoptee and & on the family & working with parents individually and in groups.

Dr. Rasbury is an African-American adoptee and throughout her career has been committed to serving culturally diverse communities with a focus on social justice issues. She has presented nationally on intersectionality; social justice; multiculturalism and inclusion; women’s issues, diversity leadership strategies and approaches. Additionally, Dr. Rasbury co-authored an article published in December 2014, in the APA Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Diversity journal titled: Dr. Haldeman & R. Rasbury (2014). Multicultural Training and Student Beliefs in Cultural Context.


Clinical Skills

Attachment Theory

Theories of MFT

Psychodynamic Theory & Application with Diverse Populations

Foster Care and Adoption

Children, Adolescent, and Family Treatment

Family Life Cycle

Multicultural Competence

Selected Publications

APA Psychology Journal of Sexual Orientation and Diversity. Dr. Haldeman & R. Rasbury (2014). Multicultural Training and Student Beliefs in Cultural Context. Vol.4.

Conference Presentations

February 2018
Nevertheless, She Persisted: Power and Patriarchy in Psychology and Education

Nonetheless, We Insisted: Experiences and Strategies to Resist Influences of Power, Patriarchy and Gender Inequity
Columbia University, New York

February 2018
Nevertheless, She Persisted: Power and Patriarchy in Psychology and Education
The Progression and Regression of the Culture of Sexism in Higher Education: Standing United and Persisting!
Columbia University, New York

November 2016
The Intersectionality of Social Justice in a Multicultural Context
College of Psychology Evening Chats
John F. Kennedy University
Explore the parallels between struggles and recent events that both the African American community and the LGBTQ+ have faced. In the light of the Orlando massacre, this summer and the police shooting that have continued for many months it is imperative that we look to each other for support and guidance. This panel discussion is about exploring ways we can work together toward social justice.

January 2015
National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS)
Atlanta, Georgia
Applied Multiculturalism: Transcending Borders in Training
“Professor of Color Mentoring Students across Cultures at a Primarily White (PW) Commuter School Institution”

February 2015
Winter Roundtable Teachers College
Columbia University
“Hoodies Up…”
“Bent but Never Broken: Turning the Acts of Discrimination into Contributions for Social Justice”

January 2014
The National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP)
New Orleans, Louisiana
Poster Session: “The Development of Psychologists: Moving from “Just-Us” Thinking to Social Justice Advocacy” (Training Utilizing Our Multigenerational Professional Genogram)”

February 2014
Black Student Law Association (BSLA)
John F. Kennedy University
“Black History Celebration Presentation”

October 2014
Diversity Challenge: Racial or Ethnic Discrimination Across the Life Span
Boston College
“Training Models for Diversity Leadership: Strategies and Approaches across the Lifespan”

April 2012
Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) 2012 Academic Resource Conference (ARC): What’s Next? Scenarios for Higher Education.
Costa Mesa, CA
Poster Presentation: “A Collaborative Systemic Model for Building Evaluation Tools to Measure Student Skills Acquisition and Educational Effectiveness”

May 2012
25th Annual National Conference on Race and Education Conference (NCORE)
New York, New York
Diversity and Social Justice: The heart and soul of future professionals in human services

Credentials & Accolades

PsyD in Clinical Psychology:Emphasis in Multicultural Community Psychology earned from California School of Professional Psychology