Karen Jaenke, M.Div., Ph.D. is Chair of the Consciousness & Transformative Studies MA program at JFK University in the Bay area (2013 to present). In 2016, she launched the Consciousness program in the online modality with global reach.

Formerly, she served as Director of the Ecotherapy Certificate at JFKU (2011-14) and Dissertation Director at the Institute of Imaginal Studies in Petaluma, CA (2001-2008). Currently an Executive Editor of ReVision: Journal of Consciousness and Transformation, she has edited journals and published articles on: Imaginal Psychology, Shamanism and the Wounded West, and Earth Dreaming, as well as numerous articles on dreams.

In 2000, she founded Dreamhut Consulting to offer consulting services for dissertation and thesis writing, dreamwork, hypnotherapy and mentoring. A graduate of CIIS, her dissertation was titled: “Personal Dreamscape as Ancestral Landscape.” Her creative vision synthesizes dreamwork, indigenous ways of knowing, the subtle body, Gaian awareness, spiritual intelligence, and flow states.


  • Consciousness & Transformative Studies


Psychology of Dreams; Earth Body Spirit

Qualitative Research A

Qualitative Research B

MA Integrative Project 

MA Integrative Project B

Consciousness Studies Integration; Spirituality, Symbols and Dreams.  

Selected Publications

“Cornerstones of Consciousness Studies,” International Journal of Transpersonal Studies. In press.

“Spiritual Intelligence and the Body,” International Journal of Transpersonal Studies. In press.

“The Physics of Joy,” International Journal of Transpersonal Studies. In press.

“The Wasteland and the Wound,” Immanence Journal, Spring 2017.

“The Echo of Stillness,” Voices: The Art and Science of Psychotherapy, Spring 2013.

“Earth Dreaming.” In Craig Chalquist (Ed.), Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled. Walnut Creek, CA: World Soul Books, 2010.

“Dreaming with the Earth,” ReVision, 32: 3, Summer 2010.

“Editor’s Introduction: Shamanism and the Wounded West,” ReVision, 32: 2, Spring 2010.

“Soul and Soullessness,” ReVision, 31:1. Winter 2009.

“Earth, Dreams, Body,” ReVision, 30: 1&2, 10-12. Summer/Fall 2008.

“Dreaming the Ritual Onward,” ReVision, 29:1. Summer 2006.

“Dreaming with the Ancestors,” ReVision, 28:4. Spring 2006.

“Ode to the Intelligence of Dreams.” ReVision, 27:1. Summer 2004.

“The Participatory Turn: Review of Jorge N. Ferrer, Revisioning Transpersonal; Theory: A Participatory Vision of Human Spirituality,” ReVision, 26:4. Spring 2004.

“Water & Stone: All of Nature Participates in our Remembering,” ReVision, 21:7, Summer 1998.

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“AIDS Ministry,” Fellowship in Prayer, 39:5, October 1988.

“Consciousness Studies in Context – Online MA Program in Consciousness & Transformative Studies.” Opensciences.org/blogs/open-sciences-blog/online-ma-program-in-consciousness-transformative-studies

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Credentials & Accolades

Ph.D. California Institute of Integral Studies

M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary

B.A., Wake Forest University

Associate Editor, ReVision: Journal of Consciousness & Transformation

Board of Advisors, iConscious