Formerly an attorney specializing in disability and sexual harassment law, Ferguson brings a policy and advocacy lens to her work as a health educator and health activist with a focus on weight inclusive health care and Health At Every Size® approaches.  She is a past president (2012-15) of the Association for Size Diversity and Health, an international non-profit organization promoting inclusive approaches to health. She currently serves as a board member of Wellness in Action, a community-based non-profit devoted to promoting nutrition education for children and youth in Contra Costa County.  She is also a current member of the American Public Health Association, the Society for Public Health Education, the National Wellness Institute, and the Association for Size Diversity and Health.


  • Holistic Health Education Program, including MA, BA, and Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching


  • Foundations of Health Education
  • Culture Community, and Health
  • Concepts and Practices for the Emerging Educator
  • MA Integrative Project (capstone)
  • Holistic Approaches to Working with Body Image
  • Health At Every Size
  • Coaching Practicum
  • Coaching for Health and Wellbeing

Credentials & Accolades

JD, Yale Law School
MA in Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University

Board Member, (2016-Present) Wellness in Action (http://www.wellnessinaction.org/)
Past President (2012-2015), Association for Size Diversity and Health (https://www.sizediversityandhealth.org/)

Certified Coach, Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Institute