Formerly an attorney specializing in disability and sexual harassment law, Ferguson brings a policy and advocacy lens to her work as a health educator and health activist with a focus on weight inclusive health care and Health At Every Size® approaches.  She is a past president (2012-15) of the Association for Size Diversity and Health, an international non-profit organization promoting inclusive approaches to health. She currently serves as a board member of Wellness in Action, a community-based non-profit devoted to promoting nutrition education for children and youth in Contra Costa County.  She is also a current member of the American Public Health Association, the Society for Public Health Education, the National Wellness Institute, and the Association for Size Diversity and Health.


  • Holistic Health Education Program, including MA, BA, and Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching


Foundations of Health Education Culture

Community, and Health Concepts and Practices for the Emerging Educator

MA Integrative Project (capstone)

Holistic Approaches to Working with Body Image

Health At Every Size

Credentials & Accolades

JD, Yale Law School
MA in Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University

Board Member, (2016-Present) Wellness in Action (http://www.wellnessinaction.org/)
Past President (2012-2015), Association for Size Diversity and Health (https://www.sizediversityandhealth.org/)