BRUCE ALDERMAN, M.A., is adjunct faculty in the College of Psychology at John F. Kennedy University (JFKU). He received his master’s degree in Integral Psychology, with an emphasis on Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, from JFKU in 2005. He currently teaches Paradigms of Consciousness; Fundamentals of Transpersonal Psychology; World Spirituality; Living Systems Theory; Integral Life Practice; and Integral Meditation and Psychospiritual Development. He has also served as a thesis and final integrative project advisor. Prior to working at JFKU, he worked and studied abroad for several years, including teaching courses on creative writing and inquiry at the Rajghat Besant School, a Krishnamurti school in Varanasi, India. His current areas of interest include Integral Theory and practice, transpersonal psychology, integral postmetaphysical spirituality, the time-space-knowledge vision, transformative arts, dream yoga, and interfaith dialogue.


  • Consciousness and Transformative Studies
  • Transpersonal Counseling Psychology
  • Holistic Counseling Psychology


Paradigms of Consciousness (Pleasant Hill, San Jose, Online)
Living Systems Theory and Creative Potential (Pleasant Hill, Online)
Transpersonal Psychology (Pleasant Hill, San Jose, Online)
Integral Life Practice (Pleasant Hill, Online)
World Spirituality (Pleasant Hill)
Psycho-Spiritual Development and Integral Meditation (Online)
Fundamentals of Transpersonal Psychology A (Pleasant Hill)
Fundamentals of Transpersonal Psychology B (Pleasant Hill)

Selected Publications

Alderman, B. (2018). Sophia speaks: An integral grammar of philosophy. In S. Esbjörn-Hargens & M. Schwartz (Eds.), Dancing with Sophia: Integral philosophy on the verge. Albany, NY: SUNY.

Alderman, B. (2018). Integral religious pluralism: A metaRealist inflection. In R. Bhaskar, S. Esbjörn-Hargens, M. Hartwig, and N. Hedlund-de Witt (Eds.), Metatheory for the anthropocene: Emancipatory praxis for planetary flourishing. Albany, NY: SUNY.

Alderman, B., Esbjorn-Hargens, S., et al. (2018). The epistemic fallacy revisited: Collaborative meta-praxis in action – a conversation between and among Bruce Alderman, Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, Nicholas Hedlund, Michael Schwartz, Zachary Stein, and Terri O’Fallon. In R. Bhaskar, S. Esbjorn-Hargens, M. Hartwig, and N. Hedlund-de Witt (Eds.), Metatheory for the anthropocene: Emancipatory praxis for planetary flourishing. Albany, NY: SUNY.

Alderman, B. (2016). Integral in-dwelling: A prepositional theology of religions. Consciousness: Ideas and Research for the Twenty-First Century, 1(4). http://www.conscjournal.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Integral-In-Dwelling.pdf

Alderman, B. (2016). Divine dance, divine in-dwelling: Invitation to a trinitarian theology of religions. Retrieved fromhttp://mikemorrell.org/2016/12/divine-dance-divine-dwelling-invitation-trinitarian-theology-religions-bruce-alderman/.

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Alderman, B. (1991). Red earth, wide sky: Meditations on the Sedona landscape. Sedona, AZ: Dove Tales Publishing.

Credentials and Accoladates

MA from John F. Kennedy University

BA from University of Texas, Austin