Professor Beverley R. Meyers had been a Deputy Attorney General with the California Office of the Attorney General since 1987, until she retired in 2016. Prior to this position, from 1983 through 1987, Ms. Meyers was employed as a Deputy District Attorney, Deputy City Attorney, and briefly in private practice. Ms. Meyers has served as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor, commencing at St. Mary’s College in 1989 and presently at JFK, and was a Core Faculty member during much of her teaching career at St. Mary’s College. She enjoys tennis and billiards.


  • Legal Writing
  • Advanced Legal Writing
  • Law and Social Justice
  • Evidence
  • Criminal Law

Selected Publications

The Coutroom Explained Through the Trials of the Century, and published decisions

Credentials & Accolades

Attorney General Award for Outstanding Achievement in Client Representation