• Nov 07, 2018


  • 9:30am

Campus Location

Please join us on Wednesday, November 7th at 9:30am in the VALOR Center Rm S229 for our monthly Town Hall meeting! Breakfast will be served

Featured Speakers

Prior to Shaundi Goins becoming a transformational coach, trainer, speaker, and author, he was a 23-year-old homeless U.S. NAVY veteran who hit rock bottom. He was homeless, broke, addicted to drugs and alcohol, depressed, and suicidal.

He got sober in late 2001. For the next five years, he went on a journey to become a student of personal development. In 2007, he was mentored by a multi-millionaire business coach, speaker, and trainer. He got plugged into a simple system that allowed him to quadruple my annual income in four short years.

Please join us is welcoming Shaundi to the VALOR Center and hearing his incredible story!