The sport psychology Professional Development Seminars (PDS) are intended to give our students and the community at large an extra perspective of what the world of sport psychology looks like. We bring highly respected professionals from the field to speak on different topics related to sport psychology. These topics could include working with specific populations (endurance athletes, para-athletes, youth and their parents, the Military, coaches, professional athletes, Cirque du Soleil, and performers of all kinds), learning about important psychological concepts in sport (anger and aggression, self-awareness, balance and burnout, motivation, acceptance, commitment, and mindfulness), or learning important entrepreneurial concepts (how much to charge, how to market yourself, how to find a niche, and general facts about running a business). The PDS events also help the students build their network and resource list by connecting with the speakers.

In this seminar we will feature Dr. Mustafa Sarkar. Underpinned by resilience-related research, Mustafa will present an evidence-based approach to developing resilience in athletes and teams. To this end, the course will be divided into three main sections. The first section will explore and describe the construct of resilience and explain what it is. Drawing on the existing body of scientific knowledge in this area, the second section will outline and discuss a resilience training program for aspiring performers. The resilience training program focuses on three main areas – personal qualities, facilitative environment, and challenge mindset – to enhance performers’ ability to withstand pressure. Participants will explore the development of resilience within each of these areas. The third section will provide recommendations for individuals implementing or undertaking this program. Specifically, Mustafa will reflect on his experiences of implementing the program with elite athletes and teams to provide recommendations for professional practice in this area. This course will facilitate a holistic and systematic approach to developing resilience for sustained success.


Date and Time

  • Saturday, June 15, 2019
  • 9:00AM - 4:00PM
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  • John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill Campus

Mustafa Sarkar

Dr Mustafa Sarkar is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Nottingham Trent University in the UK and teaches across the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. He holds a PhD from Loughborough University, investigating the assessment of psychological resilience in sport performers. Before joining NTU, Mustafa was a Research Fellow in Sport, Exercise, and Wellbeing at the University of Gloucestershire. His research focuses on the psychology of sporting excellence and its application to other high performance domains (e.g., business). His work addresses how high achievers thrive on pressure and deliver sustained success, and mainly clusters around the areas of psychological, team, and organisational resilience. Mustafa has worked closely with sport teams and organisations on creating environments and cultures to develop resilience including the United States and Netherlands Olympic Committees, the Football Association, the Premier League, Hockey Wales, Cricket Scotland, and Agility Team GB.