SoapBox Featuring Fall Ferguson

Cultivating The Concrete Jungle

People who connect with nature tend to lead healthier and happier lives than people who don’t. In today’s fast-paced society, we have forgotten how to take our proper place in the ecosystem and are suffering as a result. This week’s Soapbox event will show participants how we can reintroduce nature without having to drastically change our routine or lifestyle.

Hosted by the Holistic Health Education Program, the Soapbox will feature a panel of speakers who will discuss how urban schools are using gardening to teach nutrition; the principles of permaculture including sustainability and self-sufficiency; and eco-therapy techniques that help us reconnect with nature in order to ease stress and maximize wellbeing.

Thursday Soapbox Lecture and Event Series

John F. Kennedy University Lecture and Event Series Thursday Soapbox, continues the tradition of hosting cutting-edge thinkers and practitioners from around the world. Covering a wide range of topics of vital importance in today’s world, the “Thursday Soapbox Series” will bring together students, faculty, and interested members of the public to spread knowledge, spark dialogue; and create a more informed, involved citizenry. Go to to see the full line up of speakers and events.