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  • Registration Deadline: 5/26/2018
  • Course# CEB1107
  • Fee: $215.00

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The Hakomi Method is regarded as one of our central contemporary body-centered psychotherapies, with applications to individual, couple, family therapy, group and organizational work. Mindfulness, a cornerstone of the Hakomi Method, is one of the most powerful tools available in psychotherapy. Working experientially and mindfully adds significant depth, impact and aliveness for therapist and client alike. Theoretically, the Hakomi Method synthesizes western psychology and systems theory (chaos and complexity in specific), and eastern meditative practices in fluid, creative and elegant ways. Through didactic presentation, experiential exercises, and demonstrations you will learn principles, techniques, assessment procedures, immediately applicable skills and practical interventions that use present time experience to explore and change core models of the world, to gently access deep, unconscious characterological organization, and to enhance clients’ hidden resources.  Hakomi 2, the 2nd part of this seminar, will be offered this summer.

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