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  • Registration Deadline: 5/19/2018
  • Course# CEJ1158
  • Fee: $215.00

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This 2-day seminar course will provide students with a brief but solid foundation in clinical therapy with transgender and nonbinary clients. We will cover terminology, pronouns, the damage caused by misgendering, and how to show respect and allyship with gender nonconforming individuals. We will discuss ethical issues in working with this population, looking at the history of intense pathologization of trans people, and discussing the importance of working from a gender affirmative, trauma-informed, advocacy-based approach. Diagnosis and assessment based on the DSM-5 and the WPATH Standards of Care v. 7 will be reviewed, including the requirements for writing gender reassignment surgery recommendation letters. Decision-making around hormones and hormone blockers for children and adolescents will be discussed. The course will include in-depth exercises and clinical vignettes on a variety of clinical topics common to trans and nonbinary clients, such as gender-based body dysphoria, lack of mirroring, internalized negative self-image, and crisis interventions for suicidality when locked facilities are frequently gender-segregated and may even be unsafe. We will cover techniques for treating the complex PTSD that frequently results from experiences of chronic societal oppression, discrimination, harassment, and threats of violence, identifying advocacy opportunities where possible in order to protect trans children and adolescents. Lastly, a panel of gender diverse guest speakers will join us to share personal stories and answer questions from the audience.

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