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This workshop applies theories from various different modalities including, Holistic, Humanistic -Existential and Object Relations in helping the practitioner effectively support clients/patients with chronic illness. Fundamental change principles in combination with grief models often used in the therapeutic environment are also incorporated. Wherever there is change, there is loss.  While many change models focus on accommodation methods to foster adaptation to new circumstances, they often do not address a person’s resistance which produces ambivalence to change. Since it has been commonly observed in the Healthcare field that it is therapeutically effective to address both components, concepts will be delivered (derived from Fairbairn’s model) to help the practitioner identify root causes of ambivalence and depression that are often associated during this challenging phase of life.  This presentation will provide tools and techniques for clinicians to help clients/patients find effective ways for coping with chronic illness, addressing meaning of life issues from an existential perspective, identifying and resolving resistance, and helping them adapt to a ‘new normal’ .

Instructor: Michael Stephens, MFT, CMT

Michael Stephens has been working with end of life issues both professionally and personally for almost 20 years.  He has worked with the chronically ill, the dying, and the bereaved in various capacities at a number of hospice and healthcare agencies including Kaiser Hospice, Sutter Care At Home, and the Cancer Resource Center.  Michael is a practicing licensed clinician. He teaches continuing education to healthcare professionals, and he has taught classes at public and private universities. Michael is currently program manager for the End-of-Life Compassionate Care Program being offered through Brown & Toland Medical Group.


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