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  • Registration Deadline: 9/23/18
  • Course# CEB2015
  • Fee: $75.00
  • NOTE: Prerequisite Required: Clinical Applications of Deep Imagination-Level 1 OR permission of instructor by emailing detailing your related experience.

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Inner Resiliency is the capacity to bear one’s suffering, to bend without breaking, and to cope effectively with stress. Coping can be used to address the problems that generate stress, or problem-focused coping. Coping can also have an internal focus, learning to regulate emotions like anger, sadness and anxiety. This is known as emotion-focused coping. Guided Imagery is a particularly powerful emotion-focused coping strategy because it can be used for both problem-focused and emotion-focused coping. This class will explore various ways of using imagery for problem-focused and emotion-focused coping as a means of reducing stress and increasing inner resiliency.

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