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  • Registration Deadline: 4/28/2018
  • Course# CEJ1126
  • Fee: $215.00

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In this unique seminar, learn both the basics of getting started in watercolor and creating personal mandalas. A mandala is a very powerful ancient tool which can be used today to calm the mind, balance, heal, open the heart, reawaken creativity, and connect to the spiritual self. Emphasis will be on the magic and flow of watercolor, and creating and painting your own personal mandalas from the heart. This class is especially designed to make the process, and it is a process, simple and fun.

Students are expected to bring the following:

WATERCOLOR BRUSHES: Size 6 short handle

  • watercolor brush. Simply Simmons synthetic, or equivalent. It is advised to not purchase packaged groups, as they are not good quality.(optional) Size 2 round, short handle, (optional) Size 12 round, short handle

PIGMENTS: Box of Prang watercolors. The watercolors are great for getting started, but the brush is not recommended. OR Student grade small tubes of these colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white, black (Get colors that you LIKE. Cotman, Grumbacher, Van Gogh are very good student grade paints as well.)

WATERCOLOR PAPER: Strathmore 11″ x 15″ or 12″ x 12″ pad (300 or 400 Series, 130 lb. or 140 lb., cold pressed or rough)

PALETTE: (Only if you are using tube watercolors) portable rectangular palette with a lid which has small wells for pigments and larger spaces for mixing

OTHER SUPPLIES: Container for water, Pencil (no. 3 or 4, Eraser: Magic Rub, Drawing compass (recommended to purchase a German one if you possible), Ruler, Paper towels, scissors

OPTIONAL: Sharpie ultra fine point black permanent marker, A Pilot or Pen-Touch felt pen in gold and/or silver-fine point, White Prismcolor pencil, Art box or tool box to carry your supplies, Portfolio to keep your work protected, Metallic watercolor paint (US Artquest Stargazers Mica Color palette is a class favorite and is truly the best), Stickles Glitter, Glue, any colors (any brand will do)