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  • Registration Deadline: 6/9/18
  • Course# CE2022
  • Fee: $215.00

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Students will develop a thorough understanding of the process and path of recovery from an Eating Disorder.  We will also identify the role of relapsing in the overall recovery process. We will learn the difference between relapsing and “slipping” during the recovery process, and develop therapeutic interventions to support clients during this phase.  We will also explore the incidence of recurrence of the behaviors, especially in adult women and men who have prior recovery, with an eye on looking at the markers for how this occurs, then using those markers to develop strategies to help them deal effectively with relapsing and recurrence.  We will also address the transference issues for therapists and clients when relapsing occurs. Teaching strategies will include lecture and case presentations, as well as recovering and recovered clients speaking about their path of healing.

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