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Course Hours: 20

Learning Objectives:

1) Establish best practices and a common set of tools and techniques in the areas of financial management and fundraising to support the long term sustainability of local Chambers.

2) Expand knowledge, skills and capability of Chamber leaders and members in the areas of leadership, ethics and entrepreneurship for the long term sustainability of both the local Chambers and the CAHCC.

Course Description:

The CAHCC Leadership Program has been developed in partnership with JFK University and the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CAHCC) to improve the overall leadership and operational effectiveness of all CAHCC Chamber Board Members and Operational Managers, and the Small Business Entrepreneurs they support as part of the CAHCC and local Chamber mission. The ultimate beneficiaries improved competencies, knowledge, and skills of Chamber leaders and management in the areas of leadership, operational management, and decision making.

The Chamber Operations Curriculum addresses three key operational areas of focus: Marketing and Communications, Program Management and Volunteer Management. Each of these areas is mission critical in addressing the majority of initiatives a Chamber of Commerce is involved with.

The Marketing and Communications Module includes recognizing marketing strategy and tactics, an understanding of the importance of knowing your members, recognizing traditional marketing and brand concepts and how to leverage social media marketing.

The Program Management Module includes an understanding of how to develop programs and applying a best practice planning tool, the logic model. It also includes recognizing how to plan for resources, activities, outputs and identity outcomes of a proper program management.

The Volunteer Management Module includes an understanding of recruiting and retaining qualified Board Member staff, committees, and board members. The module includes an understanding of how to implement low-cost/no-cost recognition programs, structuring communication systems and models. The module also examines Board Member, Committee Chair and Volunteer development plans and evaluations.

Course Syllabus (20 hours);

Financial Stewardship
Financial Management
Leadership Development

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