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Course Hours: 24

Learning Objectives:

1) Develop overall awareness and capability of CAHCC Chamber Board Members in their official Board capacity to more effectively lead their Chamber through sound governance, formulation of strategic plans and effective use of Parliamentary Procedures to get work done.

2) Empower Chamber Management and staff with a common set of skills, tools and processes that allow them to improve the overall day-to-day management of the Chambers they serve relative to program, volunteer, marketing and communications management.

Course Description:

The CAHCC Leadership Program has been developed in partnership with JFK University and the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CAHCC) to improve the overall leadership and operational effectiveness of all CAHCC Chamber Board Members and Operational Managers, and the Small Business Entrepreneurs they support as part of the CAHCC and local Chamber mission. The ultimate beneficiaries improved competencies, knowledge, and skills of Chamber leaders and management in the areas of leadership, operational management, and decision making.

The Chamber Management Curriculum addresses three key areas of focus: Governance, Democratic decision-making through the use of Parliamentary Procedures and Strategic Planning. Understanding and applying the principles in these key areas are the foundation of properly managing a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Governance Module for Chambers is ensuring that the organization complies with all applicable laws, that directors know, understand and adhere to their duties, and that staff manages the day to day operations – consistent with the mission of the organization. The objectives include identifying the key differences between a non-profit and a for-profit organization; recognize the different roles the Board of Directors play in a Working Board versus a Policy Board; applying best practices and procedures used to safeguard the Chamber. Identifying appropriate succession planning practices and procedures to ensure proper ongoing leadership and management of the organization.

Parliamentary Procedures for Democratic Decision-making Module was designed to provide uniform rules of order for deliberative assemblies such as a Chamber Board of Directors. It is meant to assist a Chamber Board accomplish its work efficiently and fairly. Parliamentary procedure provides a set of standards and guidelines for making decisions and conducting business in most types of democratic meetings. The objectives of the course include understanding and apply the most common parliamentary procedures in a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce environment. Identifying the unique and collaborative roles of a Board Chair and Committee Chair. And, identifying and applying the top Parliamentary procedures used to run an effective meeting.
Strategic Planning Module enables a Chamber of Commerce to develop a plan to follow which includes recognizing the required chamber framework where strategic planning in a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is effective, identifying the strategic planning practices, procedures and tools that can be used in a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce environment and understanding and applying the specific practices, procedures and tools used to implement a strategic plan once it is approved by the Board of Directors.


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