At John F. Kennedy University, we hold ourselves up to the classical version of the university as a seat of learning for everyone, and as an institution with the responsibility of supporting not only its students, but the whole community. Our presence in the community takes the form of our various service learning projects as well as public educational programming and events.

Our service learning programs, including our law clinics, the LEAP Project, and our clinical training partnerships, position our students to provide vital services to underserved members of the community while also gaining valuable practical experience. Our wide range of high quality public seminars, workshops, and speaker series, brings together students and non-students alike, so whether you’re after a degree or not, we hope you’ll join us to continue learning, inquiring, and exploring.

Our Ways of Being in the Community

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Public Workshops & Events

In addition to our being out in the community, we also invite the community to come to us. We host an exciting variety of seminars, workshops, and speaker series that are open to the public. These include our Thursday Soapbox, Latino Speaker Series, and VALOR Center Town Hall Meetings, just to name a few. Events may take place on campus, at an event space in town, and/or online!


Sanford Institute of Philanthropy

Founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist, T. Denny Sanford, the Institute focuses on preparing exemplary leaders and providing the support needed to be successful in making a difference in the world.


Holistic Research Center

The Holistic Research Center supports research, publishing, and presenting in the mental health field of study. The Center also hosts film screenings, an annual symposium, and various community gatherings that focus on exploring mental health and holistic ideas.


The Solt Evans LEAP Program

A project of JFKU’s Sport Psychology program, the LEAP Program is a service learning program in which students gain practical experience while making positive contributions to local youth. Via camps and other sports programs, LEAP participants provide mental skills training, team building, and empowerment to underserved youth in the community.


JFKU Law Clinics

In keeping with JFKU’s value of service learning and giving back to our surrounding community, students in the College of Law staff several successful community clinics providing vital services to underserved segments of our local population. These include the Housing Advocacy Clinic, the Legal Clinic for Elders, and the Children, Families, and the Law Program.

CCC Family Counseling

Office of Clinical Training

The Office of Clinical Training (OCT) places MA in Counseling Psychology students as staff in a variety of clinical settings serving our local Bay Area population. Our counselors in training work in both community-based and school-based settings, some of which are internally managed by the OCT, and others that are external field placements.