The College of Psychology at John F. Kennedy University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in counseling psychology, sport psychology, holistic counseling psychology and consciousness and transformative studies. Our PsyD program provides the foundational concepts and guiding principles of scientific psychology, preparing students for licensure as a psychologist. All programs are designed to give you the tools to fulfill your passion and become a leading advocate for social change within the community.

Within each program, you will have:

  • Access to dedicated faculty are committed to mentoring you through rigorous and challenging courses, and helping you achieve your educational goals.
  • Faculty members are also practitioners, who share their real-world experiences to guide you and support your education.

Welcome from the Dean

Alvin McLean

Dean Alvin McLean, Jr. , Ph.D.

If you’ve made the choice to join us at John F. Kennedy University, then we know you are going to go out into the community and do exceptional things. We know you will be an informed, compassionate, and multiculturally competent citizen and professional. We know you will be an ally to the disenfranchised and an ambassador of social justice.

Because your goals are also our goals, we at JFK University are dedicated to serving as your allies, supporting you in every possible way. Because our success is your success, and your success is the world’s.


Facts about the College of Psychology



A comprehensive education in undergraduate and graduate degree programs and PsyD programs provide a solid foundation in your field of study with options for specializations and certifications.


Program Options to Match any Lifestyle

John F. Kennedy University’s College of Psychology offers its programs in all four of our versatile learning formats, making them accessible to all students regardless of scheduling barriers. Whether you choose to learn in person or online, according to a quarterly structure or at your own pace, our range of learning options has got you covered.


Service Learning for this College

Internships within the community allow you to gain real-world experience and training. The Office of Clinical Training (OCT) has been established to assure that all of the MA Counseling MFT and Holistic students at JFKU receive an exceptional clinical training experience to complement their academic training.


Dual Degrees and Linking Programs

The College of Psychology offers a unique dual degree combining the MA in Sport Psychology and the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) and allowing students to work toward both concurrently. This programmatic partnership provides students the rare opportunity to train to work with both clinical clients and athletes and apply the skills from both fields to their practices.

Our Programs

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